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UTEP professor: U.S. air strikes important to keep terrorist group ISIS from growing

By: Joshua Zuber

EL PASO, Texas -
The United States launched an air strike on the terrorist group ISIS in Iraq in hopes to stop the organization from growing.
U.S. fighter jets took off from the USS George H.W. Bush in the Persian Gulf and dropped bombs on Islamic targets in northern Iraq, FOX News reported.
FOX News said President Obama insists strikes he authorized Thursday are necessary to protect Americans and Iraqis in the region.
"The United States bombarded artillery and other types of offensive forces in the northern part of Iraq and provided humanitarian aid through food drops," University of Texas at El Paso Associate Professor Gaspare Genna said.
ISIS is the group it targeted, U.S. officials said.
Genna said it is a terrorist group that has the potential to cause great harm to Americans, Europeans and others if it gains control of more Middle East territory.
"If they are able to stabilize and they are able to develop a training network it could create more terrorism," he said.
But he said for now -- the U.S. should stay out of getting into another war.
"What I do see is the United States lending air support more and more because one of ISIS' major problems is that it doesn't have air command," Genna said