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Las Cruces police remind people not to fall for scams

The Las Cruces Police Department wants to remind people that during any given month they get a handful of residents who contact them after they’ve fallen victim to some type of scam.
Most of the scams, police said, involve some sort of money loss.
More often than not scammers don’t leave much evidence, which makes it difficult for police to file charges or make an arrest.
Some of the most common scams reported to the Las Cruces Police Department:
•           Ransom notice - Telephone calls are coming in from an area code indicating that it is a telephone number from a foreign country. The caller is stating that they have something of value to them and will return it in exchange for money. They will also put another person on the phone claiming to know them to make the claim realistic.  .

•           The relative or friend in need - The unsuspecting victim, usually the elderly, receives a call saying that a relative or friend is in some type of predicament (crash, hospitalization or under arrest) and needs cash immediately. The victim wire transfers or otherwise sends money to the perpetrator of the scam.

•           The Verification Call - The victim receives a call from someone who claims to work for Medicare, their bank or credit card and insists that their account number or other personal information must be verified. In reality, the caller is fishing for information and is relying on the victim to provide personal or financial information