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Demonstration shows the dangers of leaving a kid in the car

By Patrick Hayes
LAS CRUCES, N.M. – On Sunday, a group of car club members gathered in downtown Las Cruces to demonstrate the dangers of leaving a child in a car.

Patrick Molina is one of the organizers and told KFOX14 he hopes the demonstration will raise awareness and shed light on a serious issue.

Molina and about 20 other people locked themselves in a car for 20 minutes to show how hot it can get and the danger it presents. 

“Within two minutes we were already profusely sweating.  Toward the end, I felt like I wanted to sleep.  I felt like I was going to go unconscious.  This is something parents need to wake up to.”

Molina sat in a car with Carlos Machado.  At first, the pair was energetic and talkative but by the end, the two sat quietly and exhausted.

Machado said the temperatures climbed and climbed and eventually just stayed really hot.

It was about 99 degrees when everyone got into their cars.  Research shows that after 20 minutes inside the car and in this kind of weather, temperatures can climb up to 124 degrees.

Molina said, “It’s terrible, I don’t know why people leave their kids in a car.”

The demonstration was coordinated with Las Cruces Police Department officials who were on hand in case anything went wrong. 

In 2014, 18 kids have died after being left in a car, including a 2-year-old girl in east El Paso. 
Experts suggest leaving something like a purse or a cellphone in the back seat as reminder to always check.