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More female gun instructors needed in the Borderland

By Crystal Price
EL PASO, Texas -- More women are packing heat in the Borderland these days -- and that means more female instructors are needed to keep up with the demand.

At Sportsman's Elite, managers said 25 percent of their students are women.

However, only a small percentage of the instructors are female.

As more women sign up to learn to shoot, instructors at the range said, more female gun instructors are needed.

Gun instructors said women can offer a different perspective than men on different things - such as how to conceal their weapon and the best way to hold it.

"I think the fact that there are more women willing to come out and shoot, they do want to be taught by another woman who has been through certain things that they have," said Angie Grossman, a gun instructor at Sportsman's Elite.

Grossman is one of only a few female instructors in El Paso and she said she has only been shooting for about two years.

"I just had an interest in showing other females that it's okay to shoot and have a gun and hold a gun," Grossman said.

Grossman said self-defense is the leading reason more women are choosing to pack heat in El Paso, while some are choosing to learn to shoot for recreational purposes.

After several months of working as a gun instructor, she said she would not trade the bullets for anything.

"One, it's fun, it is fun to teach somebody something new," Grossman said. "And second, you're able to teach them something that might save their life or get them out of a situation."

Several of the gun ranges in El Paso KFOX 14 reached out to said they don't have any female gun instructors. However, they said the number of women enrolling in the concealed handgun classes has gone up within the last year.