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City approves steps to make Cincinnati District safer

By:Genevieve Curtis

EL PASO, Texas--It's a busy but dangerous corridor along Mesa Street and now city leaders are calling for some type of change to make it safer.
"There are accidents all the time here," said Skylier Blake, who works in the area.
Cars whiz through the Cincinnati District where pedestrians often dare to dart out in front of cars to cross the street.
Accidents have resulted in several deaths along the same stretch of road for years. There have been two car crashes resulting in deaths since 2009. Numbers for pedestrians killed in the area were not immediately available.
City Rep. Ann Morgan Lilly said she has tried for years to get something to change.
"It just keeps happening and nothing's been done about it. So I think if I just keep repeating myself something will happen," said Lilly. 
She's yet again calling for the city's transportation department to work with the Texas Department of Transportation to improve the roadway.
"It's really bad. Most of the traffic speeds through here, they don't slow down. They're not very cautious, pedestrians usually end up just trying to jaywalk," said Blake.
Specifically they're going to look at the stretch between Glory Road and Boston Avenue.
But it may be extended to Kerby Avenue.
City staff will undertake an extensive traffic study. But immediately they will look at a possible four-way stop.
That will force all traffic to come to a halt while people cross. 
"It's an area of caution. There's no such thing as something being too safe you can't be too safe. I think it does need attention," said Blake. 
The city will also consider changing the timing and synchronization of the lights.
Efforts to make the area safer a few years ago didn't yield many results.
"They blame it on liquor but it's not," said Lilly. 
The transportation department and TxDOT will conduct a study and bring the results back to the City Council so that they can create a safety plan for pedestrians.