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EPISD student hospitalized following after-school attack

By: Genevieve Curtis
EL PASO, Texas - A 12 year-old student in the El Paso Independent School District was hospitalized after an attack on school property.

The boys mother came to KFOX14 because, she said, the school failed her son.

The mother, whom KFOX14 is not identifying, said her son attends Wiggs Middle School, and on the Friday before spring break, her son went to pick up his sibling at Lamar Elementary.

She said an older boy, a 14 year-old student, followed her son there and attacked him.

She took her son to a hospital, where he had to stay overnight.

Hospital records show the boy suffered a concussion and orbital lobe fracture from the assault.

I was so scared because my son was throwing up blood. He couldnt even talk, the mom said.

The parent told KFOX14 she reported it to EPISD campus police, who told her they would take care of it.
But she said that when school resumed, it was like the assault had never happened.

How is this right? I don't understand it. I don't understand how this could be right in any shape or form. This was assault, she said.

The parent tells KFOX14 she went to the school to find out what was being done to protect her son. She said she found the school's response insulting.

The mom said she was told by an assistant principal that the boy received one day at alternative school, but that was it.

She said the older boy was still intimidating her son at school.

Im just asking for them to show him punishment and show that every action has a reaction, she said.

Shes fears what could the older boy could do.
Next time hes going to kill my son, she said.

She said that when she expressed continued concern,school officials suggested she escort her son, that he wait in the library or office, suggesting that he stay out of the way of the older boy.

How is that fair to my son? heHes having to change his life for something he didnt do, she said.

In a statement to KFOX14, an EPISD spokesperson said:

Our campuses take all incidents involving student safety seriously and investigate them fully. Wiggs Middle School immediately began an investigation on the incident at Lamar Elementary School involving the two students.

"Results of the investigation do not indicate that the Wiggs student was followed to Lamar or that he was looking for him at the campus. Both students apparently were waiting at Lamar to pick up their respective siblings in the afternoon. A disciplinary hearing has already taken place and the student has been disciplined accordingly. The campus also did not find that the student posed a threat to himself or others.

"EPISD Police are aware of the case, however, the case was initially reported to the El Paso Police Department and they are conducting their own investigation.

The mom also says school officials told her the 14 year-old boy was not violent, but she said her sons face tells a different story.

Where do I find peace of mind? Where does my son find safety? said the mom.

El Paso police tells KFOX14 this case is still under investigation.

The parent says now other kids are teasing her son for not fighting back.