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EPISD supertintendent answers questions from Bowie alumni, runs from KFOX 14 cameras 

By: Gina Benitez
EL PASO, Texas -- The El Paso Independent School District held a meeting Friday night to address concerns about the possibility of merging Jefferson and Bowie high schools.

EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera answered questions from concerned alumni in the crowd but later ran from our KFOX 14 cameras.

"We have a few more questions for you," we said.

Cabrera responded, "I really don't, I have to go. I don't want to, thank you."
It all started with an email accidentally sent to KFOX 14 by an EPISD spokesperson.

That email included a list of what EPISD maintains were just ideas being thrown around in a brainstorming session.

One was an idea about consolidation of Bowie and Jefferson into one south side high school.

Cabrera said there there are no plans to combine the schools or change Bowie's name.

After Cabrera initially refused to talk to us, we asked him why, if these were simply ideas, didn't the district didn't treat them as such.

"I told you all from the beginning it wasn't a big deal. It wasn't a big deal at all," Cabrera said.

"It was just treated as so from the start. We were asked to pull it the next day," said the reporter.

"Yeah, let me tell you why I did that. Because I think it's inappropriate to scare the community for an idea of brainstorming and to scare people after all that they've been through," Cabrera said.

"So there is no possibility ever of a Bowie-Jefferson merger?" asked the reporter.

Cabrera said, "Not under my administration but as I said in the meeting, the superintendent doesn't actually have the power under the governing structure of a school district. The only body that can actually decide to consolidate or close the schools is a board of trustees or a board of managers."

Some alumni said they're satisfied with Cabrera's answers.

"He was very direct and to the point as far as saying that there was not going to be a merger and that was a leak and that's all it was," said Isabel Soliz, a Bowie alumna.

Others weren't.

"Did we get a definite answer? Did the public tonight get a definite answer? No," said Trini Acevedo, another Bowie alumna.