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Update: Unofficial results has County Judge Veronica Escobar holding onto seat

By: Genevieve Curtis, Ruben Veloz

EL PASO, Texas -- Final unofficial voting results show Veronica Escobar will once again serve as the County Judge of El Paso for the next four years. 
Escobar celebrated her victory at the Double Tree Hotel in downtown El Paso with her family, friends and supporters. 
"I had one opponent that had a mountain of money behind her and special interest, and that alone is formidable, when you have that much money against you, that is a race."
Escobar thanked the community who stood behind her, and said she was excited voters re-elected her to represent the county, and will continue to work on a better county government free of corruption.     
"You're never going to make a hundred percent of the people happy, but I was heartened at the door-step an on the telephone to hear people say we believe in where you are taking us we are with you."
Unofficial final results showed Escobar won the race with more than 53 percent of the votes.
She beat out newcomer Aliana Apodaca, who came in with 27 percent of the votes, and current City Representative Eddie Holguin junior who had a little over 22 percent of votes. 
KFOX14 reached out to Eddie Holguin for a comment but did not receive a response. However, Escobar said Holguin did reach out of her to concede.
"He said that he always enjoyed being out there on the campaign trail with me, and he appreciated the kind of campaign that we ran."
Apodaca, who criticized Escobar for letting property taxes increase in the past three years, says she was disappointed in the results and had hoped the race would lead to a run-off.

"I think that's important is that people known that we ran a good campaign, we ran a clean campaign, we ran an honest campaign, said Apodaca, It's important that people know we have a platform that's about fiscal responsibility. It's about respecting the voice of the voter. I would encourage every taxpayer every voter, become engaged; know what's going on in county government because we cannot let it continue the way it's been going the last three years.
Escobar said she will continue to work on her promise to continue working on reforms, like controlling the budget, and transportation projects to help El Paso grow.
"We will not rest until we have a government that is fully protected and protects the taxpayer, so that we never again have an organization that was so easily manipulated."
Theres so much more to do we have major projects that are underway, Escobar said, I was the only candidate this entire campaign talking about the reform in the county.
Escobar said throughout her campaign she wanted to voters to let her finish what she started, So that we can have a government that were proud of that will never be manipulated again.
Since there weren't any republicans in the race, that automatically put Escobar in the county judge position.
Her second term begins on January 2015.