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Former “most wanted fugitive” allegedly manipulating state for child support payments

By: Bill Melugin
EL PASO, Texas An east El Paso woman is claiming her mother, Alvina Lisa Belford, a known criminal and drug addict in El Paso, has manipulated the state to receive child support for a child of whom she does not have possession.

Alexandra Belford, 24, told KFOX14 she is the legal guardian of her younger sister, Zoe Belford, 15, and takes care of her with her dad. She said her mother, who has been featured on El Pasos Most Wanted and has been arrested on numerous charges, including prostitution and theft, hasn't been in possession of Zoe since 2005, but has managed to get her hands on Zoes child support.

"Eight-hundred dollars per month, and through a debit card, I recently went through the statement of her debit card and right when she knew the money would hit, there's a balance-acquired notification, Alexandra Belford said. She spends the money on drugs.

Belford told KFOX14 her father wants to give the child support payments directly to his daughters, but is unable to because the state granted their mother custody due to the fact that he is a truck driver. They are frustrated because Alvina Belford hasnt been around her kids in almost a decade.

"My mom is good at hiding; nobody has been able to find her for almost three years, Belford said. They had a private investigator try to look for her, and nobody could find her.

Belford told KFOX14 after notifying the local child support enforcement office, she went to court with her father to get his payments switched to her so they could be used for his daughters rather than their mother.

"In December they told us everything is going be fine, that they were going to fix it, Belford said. The guy asked me to give him about two weeks and let him set everything up to be fixed. Well, I've been in the office, I went at the end of January, all through February, and this month, and nothing has changed.

Belford said the state has the money that has been taken out of her dads check since June of 2013 on hold, totaling around $6,000.

"They're debating on who to give the money to; my mom was in jail until January, then she got out and disappeared, Belford said. "I have about $6,000 that's on hold, and the state won't give it to me instead of her. My sisters birthday is tomorrow, my dad is struggling, I've gotten three eviction notices, and he's taken out loans, he's refinanced his car, all kinds of stuff just so we can pay rent, and I've told them this and they dont care."
Belford said her father has no problem paying his child support, he just wishes it was going to the right person.

Thats money my mom is stealing from her own daughter, Belford said. "The last time I saw her, she was in the Devil's Triangle living in somebody's house.
Belford said she has never met a case worker from the Child Support Enforcement office in person, and told KFOX14 they are hard to get in touch with.
KFOX14 called the office but was transferred around to multiple lines, and eventually referred to a 1-800 number without getting to speak to a representative about Belfords allegations.
Belford provided KFOX14 with a copy of her court paperwork.
"There are fathers out there that want to take care of their kids, Belford said. Not all the moms in Texas are okay; my mom used that money on drugs for so many years and were telling them that, and nobody looked into it.