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Crime stats: Northeast El Paso has highest crime rate in Sun City

By: Bill Melugin
EL PASO, Texas - Northeast El Paso has a reputation for having the most crime in the Sun City, but is it legitimate, or just hype?

KFOX14 obtained crime stats from El Paso Police for each regional command center since 2008, and the reputation appears to be legitimate, on a per-capita basis. Based on the information in the stats, east El Paso had the highest number of reported crimes, Northeast El Paso is the most dangerous area due to the highest overall per capita crime rate, including murders, sexual assaults and assaults, and west El Paso has the lowest crime.

The stats show 56,515 total crimes since 2008 for the Pebble Hills Regional Command Center (Eastside); Central Regional Command reported 32,388 crimes, Northeast Regional Command reported 30,269, Mission Valley Regional Command reported 24,991 crimes and Westside Regional Command reported 26,263 crimes.

At first glance, the stats show that east El Paso has the most cases of reported crimes over the last five years, but that doesn't tell the full story, due to the much higher population on the eastside.

According to stats from Geographical Info System, as of January 2013, these are El Paso's population numbers.

East 217,737
Central 124,673
West 125,647
Northeast 116,433
Lower Valley 104,050

(The original stats showed Central with a population of around 85,000 however, EPPD told KFOX14 an estimated 40,000 shoppers, workers, tourists, etc., come into Central every day, thus, that chunk of people had to be accounted for in order to get an accurate representation.

Using the statistics EPPD provided, and after factoring in population numbers, KFOX14 was able to determine the per capita crime rates for each area of El Paso. The crimes involved in the stats are murders, sexual assaults, robberies, assaults, burglary, larceny and vehicle theft.

This is how the overall crime rates (per 100,000 people) turned out for the various parts of El Paso.

Total Crime Rates (Murder, Rape, Robbery, Assault, Burglary, Larceny, Car Theft)

Northeast 4,332
East         4,325
Central     4,068
Lower Valley  4,004
West        3,483

The Northeast narrowly edges out east El Paso for the highest overall crime rate, with west El Paso coming in last.

KFOX14 took a closer look at the stats.

When it came to murders, the Northeast had the highest murder rate (3.4) since 2008. During that time span, there were 19 murders, coming out to an average of 4 murders per year for the Northeast.

                                 Murders (2008-2013)

                      Total        Rate (Per 100k people)       Avg. Per Year

Northeast        24                   3.4                                    4
Central           19                   2.4                                   3.2
Lower Valley    14                   2.2                                   2.3
East               22                   1.7                                   3.7
West               4                    0.5                                   0.7

With sexual assaults, the Northeast led the way again with the highest sexual assault rate of 34.1 per 100,000 people. The area saw 238 sexual assaults since 2008, with an average of 40 per year.

                             Sexual Assaults (2008-2013)

                        Total       Rate (Per 100k people)      Avg. Per Year

Northeast         238                  34.1                                   40
Central             265                  33.3                                   44
Lower Valley     150                  24.0                                   25
East                 290                  22.2                                   48
West                138                  18.3                                   23

Northeast had the highest rate of assaults since 2008 as well, with 1,836 per 100,000 people.
The area saw almost 13,000 assaults since then, coming out to an average of 2,138 per year.
                                   Assaults (2008-2013)

                      Total            Rate (Per 100k people)     Avg. Per Year

Northeast     12,828                    1,836                               2,138
Central         12,566                    1,579                               2,094
Lower Valley  9,788                     1,568                               1,631
East              20,205                   1,546                               3,368
West             8,557                     1,135                               1,426

However, it was Central El Paso that had the highest rate of robberies since 2008, with 110 per 100,000 people. The area saw 879 robberies since 2008, with an average of 146 per year.
                                      Robberies (2008-2013)

                       Total        Rate (Per 100k people)       Avg. Per Year

Central            879                   110                                  146
Northeast        447                   64                                     75
East                707                   54                                    118
Lower Valley    317                   51                                      53
West               345                   46                                      58

The stats also show a good trend for the city of El Paso.

Every single regional command center has shown a steep decrease in every listed crime since 2008. In some cases, drops of more than 2,000 reports were recorded.

2010 saw the fewest number of murders (5) since 1964.

El Paso police spokesman Darrel Petry explained to KFOX14 how they determine staffing for each regional command center.

"Staff for each region is determined by many factors," Petry said. "One factor is calls for service in a specific region. Second is the number of calls during a specific time period. For example Central Regional Command Center is not the most populated of our regions however calls for service increase due to night life scene and the amount of daytime employees in the downtown area."



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