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More financial information may have been stolen in Target breach

By: Gina Benitez
EL PASO, Texas - More financial information may have been stolen after the major credit and debit card information breach at Target.
Several major news outlets, including Reuters, reported a bank executive came forward and said PIN numbers have also been taken.
Target however says it has no reason to believe any PIN numbers were compromised.
But the retailer does say it's still in the early stages of a criminal and forensic investigation.
"My bank suspected it. So, immediately, they just shut down my whole card, the information, and made my current card number invalid and my PIN, invalid," said Katie Payne, a victim of the breach.
Payne is one of millions affected after hackers made their way into Target's system and stole credit and debit card information.
"Yeah my card is shut down but there's just a fear that anybody in the world can steal all my information, personal information and all the money I have," Payne said.
And her worries don't stop there.
"Personally, I hook up a lot of my bills directly to my account, pretty much all of them. So the ones that are coming out using the debit card number are now going to be invalid and my card's going to get declined," Payne said.
The attack on the retail giant started the day after Thanksgiving and went on until Dec. 15.
Since the breach, some banks have lowered limits on how much customers can spend at stores and how much they can take out at ATMs.
Others, like Payne's bank, have cancelled cards altogether.
Some security experts say banks rarely take action like this this, and it likely means the PIN numbers have fallen into the wrong hands.
"I've always used cash and I've never had a card and I don't really go to Target," said Arturo Medina.
"I think it's a big problem, but they can fix it," said Rodrigo Rodriguez.
But the problem is far from solved.
And Target's way of making up for the major breach, breach isn't impressing Payne.
"I did read an article saying that they offered 10 percent off last Saturday and Sunday, which kind of made me laugh. Saving $1.50 on a shirt isn't gonna make me any less annoyed on this whole situation or inconvenience," Payne said.
Payne said she's received an email from her bank about how it's responding to the security breach, but has heard nothing from Target.



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