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Feds investigating string of attacks related to 'knockout game'

By : Ruben Veloz

EL PASO, Texas -- It's a dangerous trend that's been gaining national headlines across the country.

It's being called the "knockout game" and their videos are posted around the internet showing teens punching people and knocking them unconscious for the fun of it.

It's being reported around bigger cities across the nation, and it could happen to anyone walking alone on the street.

The feds say there's been a rise in the number of assaults and are investigating to see if they may be related to the knockout game.

Some of the alleged suspects have even posted their attacks online.

The attacks have scared some people across the nation.

"I was really scared when I saw those," said UTEP student Sydney Halgas, "I'm petite, I'm a woman, I'm alone, they're going to knock me out, and I'm going to be knocked out cold."

"I mean it's disturbing. You only see those kinds of hits in the NFL," said Barret Halgas.

So far there haven't been any cases in El Paso, but officials worry there could be copy cats.

"I don't know what I can do to prevent it or to protect myself because I am not going to know what's coming," said Halgas.

Authorities say two people have died from these attacks.

In one case, a man from New Jersey died as a result of their injuries after being knocked out.

People hope parents will teach their kids about these violent attacks, before another innocent person gets hurt.

"It could be someone elderly, and you never who could take this or who can't who's going to survive or not," said Halgas.

According to the FBI, there's been a 0.7 percent increase in assaults involving hands and fists from 2011-2012.

Federal investigators aren't sure if these are random attacks or part of the brutal game.

El Paso police say anyone caught taking part in this game could face charges that will depend on the severity of the victim's injury.



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