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Fort Bliss Commissary reopens after shutdown closure

By: Melissa Gundersen
EL PASO, Texas -- Military families said they're excited to go grocery shopping Monday because the Commissary on post is reopening. 

The grocery store opened at 8:30 a.m. Monday after closing last week because of the government shutdown.

"I just spent 300-and-some dollars," said shopper Valerie Corbett. "I do go to Walmart and I do thank Sam's for opening when we didn't have our commissary, but I am so glad."

While the Commissary was closed, Sam's Club offered free memberships to members of the military and their families.

When some families, like Tanisha Cline's, heard that the Commissary was shutting its doors last week, they began preparing.

"We're an active duty family and it's tax-free, so your money goes a long way there," said Tanisha Cline. "I was one of the ones that when we heard it was going to close down last week, we loaded up."

Cline, along with every other military family who shops at the Commissary, was originally told the grocery store wouldn't reopen until Congress comes to an agreement over a national budget.

"It's scary to know when you're on a budget and you know how long your money has to last," said Cline.

The government is still shut down, however, the Commissary's doors are reopening.

Government sources told KFOX14 it's because of the Pay Our Military Act, legislation that was passed last week. Government officials said the law was passed so people can get paid and civilian workers who support the military can return to work.

"I've been shopping there for many, many years, so it is wonderful, wonderful news," said Marta Quinones.

Quinones was another person who's been holding off her grocery shopping.

"The prices are very different from outside," said Quinones.

When asked what the benefits of shopping at the Commissary are, many people said it's the pricing.

"You can probably save anywhere from $10 to $20 easy," said Caleb Bennett.

Bennett said he needed to make a trip to Walmart this week, shelling out more money on food and gas.



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