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Technology leads feds to alleged Barrio Azteca leader, says source

By: Melissa Gundersen
EL PASO, Texas -- A man who helped lead authorities to arrest an alleged Barrio Azteca gang leader with ties to a drug cartel told jurors Monday the man accused is responsible for many killings in Juarez.

A man identified as EQ sat in federal court and told jurors it was technology that helped authorities arrest and charge Arturo Gallegos-Castrellon.

He's accused of being responsible for the deaths of a U.S. Consulate employee, her husband and an El Paso County jail detention officer. They were killed on March 13, 2010.

Gallegos is also accused of more killings in Juarez in an attempt to control the streets.

EQ told jurors that in 2010 he was instructed by a gang member to go home and turn on the Barrio Azteca radio system. When he did, he said, "Everything was happiness and joy. They were saying good job."

EQ said one of the men was "Radio 51," also known as Gallegos.

EQ said he was celebrating after his gang killed multiple people.

"They attacked members of the Mexican federal police because they were not cooperating with the criminal groups," said EQ.

EQ told jurors he tried reporting what he heard to Mexican police and the Mexican Army, but he claimed they didn't listen to him.

He said he then went to the U.S. Consulate and began working with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

"They told me the information was important and valuable and to keep in touch with them," said EQ.

EQ said he heard Radio 51 lead gang members in bombings and would tell them to severely beat and kill people in the middle of the street.

EQ said he would listen to the Barrio Azteca radio about eight hours a day and report what he heard to the DEA.

On Nov. 26, 2010. EQ says Radio 51 checked in for the last time. alerting his gang the feds had found him.

"They said they could get money and an attorney. They talked about a savings so if they needed it they could use that money," said EQ.

Gallegos was extradited from Mexico in 2012. His trial continues Tuesday morning in the federal courthouse.