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KFOX14 speaks to pregnant woman knifed during video chat with overseas husband

By: Bill Melugin

The victim of a brutal stabbing attack in Northeast El Paso spoke exclusively to KFOX14 on Sunday.

As KFOX14 was the first to report, Rachel Poole, 31, was nine months pregnant when she was beaten and stabbed by a man in her home, all while she was video chatting with her husband, Justin Poole, a Fort Bliss soldier who was deployed in southwest Asia at the time of the attack.

Police say Justin could see and hear the attack over the phone.

Just days after the attack, Poole gave birth via C-section to a baby girl named Isabella. Sunday, she spoke over the phone with KFOX14 from her hospital bed at University Medical Center.

"I think the recovery is going pretty well, we have an amazingly strong daughter who is absolutely gorgeous," Poole said. "It means the world, just being able to see her and know that, through everything, she doing just fine."

The Poole's told KFOX14 their newborn daughter, Isabella, was sick immediately after her birth because of the medication her mother had been on since being admitted to the hospital, but that her health has been improving.

"I haven't personally gotten to see her yet, until I make my recovery I'm not going to be able to, but all the reports I have on her are really good," Poole said.

Poole told KFOX14 she has started physical therapy, and is noticing an improvement in her condition. Justin told KFOX14 she had no vision in one eye, but that she recently began seeing halos in it.

"I still haven't talked to the eye doctor, I really want to wait for any confirmation, we're very hopeful," Rachel said.

Justin reads Rachel every single message of support the couple receives from people not only across the country, but across the entire world.

"Honestly it's such an encouragement, just to see and hear the support that is being brought to my family right now, through everything, knowing that everyone's really come to stand behind us right now is really helpful for any kind of recovery," Rachel said.

As KFOX14 reported, Justin said the attack on his wife allegedly stemmed from letting the suspect, 19-year-old Fort Bliss soldier Corey Bernard Moss, borrow his vehicle.

Moss allegedly damaged the vehicle, and was allegedly trying to dodge payment for repairs. KFOX14 stopped by the auto shop where the vehicle was at, and noticed damage to its back end.

According to county jail records, Moss had his bail increased from $60,000 to $150,000 on a charge of criminal attempted capital murder. Moss is listed at 5 feet 4 inches tall and 130 pounds.

Police say Moss broke into Poole's home and waited for her to return. When she began video chatting with her husband, police say Moss attacked Poole with a knife, knocked her to the ground, stabbed her, and beat her before fleeing.

Justin Poole told KFOX14 there have been inaccurate reports about their situation from media outlets across the country.

"We are looking for a public relations representative so we can handle all the rumors that are being put out from other officials that we have not even spoken to because we kept a complete media blackout," Poole said. "We're eventually going to need a lawyer, to handle this case for us, it has to be someone we trust so we need help finding that."

Poole said he appreciates the outpouring of support just as much as his wife does.

"We want the people of the world to continue and pray and leave messages on our Facebook pages, and seek out the truth from us in general, because we put our thoughts out there for the world to see," Poole said. "Everybody keep praying for our daughter to make a full recovery and for my wife to make a full recovery."

Poole told KFOX14 they haven't asked for any financial assistance, but some of his closest friends have been organizing efforts and fundraisers to help with medical bills, and baby Isabella's needs.

Poole said there have been several scam artists trying to take advantage of the family's situation, and because of that, he released a list to KFOX14 detailing legitimate people the public can contact to help the family.

Angie Gooden, Rachel's best friend.
Brett Lively, Justin's "Battle Buddy."
Alexandra Montgomery, husband went through basic training with Justin.
Latatia Charles, whom Justin grew up with.
Alice Bucknight, military liaison.
Alicia Schindler, Rachel's sister.

Poole told KFOX14 any excess funds they receive will be donated to a battered women's fund.

"We'd like to thank the entire community for coming together for us here in El Paso, it wasn't just the Army, it was a lot of military wives who have been through the stress of deployment when their spouses were not there, and now they're really honestly coming together, and it's not just here, it's back in Virginia where we're from, and all of Chicago where [Rachel] was born and raised," Poole said. "I'd like to thank my unit, who are still down range handling what they need to handle, but are still supporting us."

Rachel Poole knew what was on the line when she fought back against her alleged attacker. Justin's admiration for her bravery is evident in this statement to KFOX14:

"Once my wife is out of the hospital, let the nation know she will speak up. She wants to be more than a number. I see her as a pillar of strength for her struggle to save not only her life, but my daughter's as well," Poole said.

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