Station History

KFOX-TV, KFOX DT 14-1 and KFOX DT 14-2 is the exclusive El Paso and Las Cruces home for the FOX television network, “American Idol,” “Glee,” the Dallas Cowboys, and the World Series, but we are much more than that.

Though Channel 14 has been around for more than three decades, our station has gone through plenty of changes over the years. The station's first owner was International Christian Television. Initially broadcast on a low-power transmitter, Channel 14 was upgraded to high power in 1979. The call letters were KCIK - K because the station is located in the Western United States, and CIK which stood for "Christ Is King." KCIK broadcasted English-speaking, family-oriented and Christian programming. The station made most of its revenue through donations from the public.

In the early '80s, the station was purchased by Cristo Rey Corporation, which turned KCIK into a fledgling commercial media enterprise. Initially, the station was an "independent" (no network affiliation), but in 1983, Cristo Rey signed an agreement with an upstart television network that was about to change the face of network TV. Shows like "21 Jump Street," "Married With Children," "COPS," and "America's Most Wanted" were brought to America by FOX Television.

In 1988, KCIK was purchased by Jack Mulderrig Sr., a New York entrepreneur. In June 1994 Mulderrig moved the station’s offices from 3100 N. Stanton St. to 6004 N. Mesa St.That December, Mulderrig purchased the rights to the valuable call letters KFOX. These call letters are unique to this television station as no two TV stations are allowed to have the same call letters.

By August 1996, KFOX was poised to become the major force in the local television industry when it was purchased by Cox Broadcasting. In September of 1997, determined to bring a quality newscast to our region, the station launched a news department unlike any other ever seen in El Paso or Las Cruces. One local VIP who was invited to watch a newscast rehearsal told an El Paso Times reporter that it was so professional it looked "like a local version of CNN."

KFOX News quickly became a hit. Within four years, more people were watching KFOX News at Nine every week than any other local newscast - a distinction still held to this day. The KFOX News department has received more local, regional and national awards for journalistic excellence than all of the other local television stations combined. Is it any wonder that the frustrated General Manager of one competitor once ordered his staff - "watch what KFOX does and copy them!"

Responding to viewers’ calls for a quality newscast in the morning, The KFOX Morning News was launched in January of 2004. Again, quality was the key. While other local stations had their small morning staff report to work after 3 a.m. and repeat the news from the previous evening, KFOX fully staffed its news department all night long. That's why each weekday morning from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m., KFOX is able to show you what's happened since you went to bed so that you can start your day fully informed.

In October 2008, KFOX launched KFOX14 News at Six. The broadcast made the station a two-time Emmy winner for “Best Newscast.” Though the content of the 6 p.m. news was recognized by industry leaders, the newscast was re-booted as KFOX14 News at Five in January 2012 to better serve an early-viewing community. KFOX14 News at Five is the El Paso/Las Cruces community’s first hour-long 5 p.m. newscast. Again, KFOX14 viewers get on-location live reports of the day’s big news stories, in-depth investigative pieces and, as always, the most accurate weather reports.

KFOX is complimented with the area's only Eastside Bureau and the region's only Satellite truck. KFOX now employs more than 70 people and delivers some of the most popular and entertaining programs on network television.

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