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KFOX KFOX14 :: News Team - Erika Castillo

Erika Castillo - Anchor

I'm home grown. And I love El Paso. Here's a secret about me nobody knows (only you, if you're reading this). I get kind of irked at the term the "Sun City" because I feel we should allow the name EL PASO to be heard at every opportunity. I feel proud of this city, its heritage and its growth, and I feel like the term Sun City, while very pleasant and appealing, also dilutes the name of the awesome city I love: EL PASO. I say it, with pride, every chance I get. And you know what else I love? My country.

I am a proud AMERICAN. I have a German father (yes he lives there) and my mother is an AMERICAN of Mexican-Cuban descent (she lives in this beautiful city I love). I love them both. I very much love traveling and learning about other cultures, and I speak Spanish fluently. But I am thankful to be an American and am so thankful I can raise my children in a country where they are free to learn, pray, express themselves and pursue their dreams. I appreciate all those who fight to defend these freedoms, and especially those who have made great sacrifices to ensure them.

My life is filled with daily activities involving my wonderful career, five awesome, beautiful, amazing children who make me tremendously proud, and a husband with a heart of a gold, and a Purple Heart from Iraq with USMC Delta Recon. Needless to say, my family always feels safe.

I am a positive person but also pragmatic, which makes me good at this job... I have a good attitude about pretty much everything and know how to meet deadlines. Trust me, these two things help if you want to stay in this business as long as I have. My resume includes The El Paso Times, The Dallas Morning News, KTSM (NBC) here at home a long time ago, KDFW (Fox) in Dallas and KRQE (CBS) in Albuquerque. I think the secret to success is not getting wrapped up in office gossip, staying focused on doing your job better every day, and never assuming you're irreplaceable. My husband the Marine says in combat, "complacency kills." I decided a long time ago that mantra is true of everything, not just combat.

I never plan to just sit back and assume my experience is enough to grant me this wonderful job of bringing the beautiful people of El Paso the news -- I will always work hard to deserve it.

At the same time, I'm excited at the crop of young people I have the chance to work with in the newsroom. I hope somehow I make a positive and lasting impression on them, and that they stay here and grow with our wonderful city.

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KFOX KFOX14 :: News Team - Robert Holguin

Robert Holguin - Anchor

Robert Holguin started his career as as a reporter for the Associated Press in Seattle, where he covered everything from pro sports to technology. He wrote dozens of articles about the burgeoning music scene in the 1990s that appeared in newspapers across the globe. Holguin was the first reporter at the home of Kurt Cobain when the Nirvana frontman committed suicide.

In 1998, he joined the El Paso Times, where his award-winning reporting focused on the Mexican drug trade and the unsolved murders of hundreds of women in Ciudad Juarez.

Robert also reported for USA Today in Washington, D.C., and filed reports from Capitol Hill during the impeachment of President Clinton.

Robert made the move to TV in El Paso in 2000.

In 2006, he joined KABC in Los Angeles as a reporter and fill-in anchor. While in Los Angeles, Holguin was dispatched to cover several national stories, including the campus massacre at Virginia Tech, and he spent a week in New York covering the devastation left behind by Superstorm Sandy. As a lead reporter for LA's top-rated station, Holguin covered everything from celebrity scandals to devastating wildfires. He also spent several weeks reporting on the death of Michael Jackson and the subsequent trial of Jackson's physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

Holguin grew up in Vado, New Mexico, and is a proud graduate of Gadsden High School and of New Mexico State University.

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KFOX KFOX14 :: News Team - John Purvis

John Purvis - Anchor

I've been around journalism and broadcasting almost my entire life. I grew up in Roswell and Artesia, New Mexico where my mom worked as a newspaper editor and my older brother was a disc jockey. I can remember feeling the excitement when I'd get to visit my mom's office and she'd be working on a big story, or trying to get everything in by the deadline. And hearing my big brother's voice on the radio always gave me something cool to tell my friends.

So, the decision to get into TV news was a natural progression for me. Thanks to my dad, who worked at the employment office in Roswell, I got my first job in television when I was in high school, working as a cameraman at the local TV station. After graduating from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque with a Political Science degree, I returned to Roswell, where I worked for several years as a reporter, anchor, and news director. That led to a job with an Albuquerque TV station as their Santa Fe Bureau Chief, covering state politics and Northern New Mexico news.

Visiting El Paso was always a big deal when I was a kid. It was a huge city for a small town boy. I first lived here in 1992, when I became the weekend anchor at KVIA-TV. I also co-hosted the morning news there for more than 3 years. Later, I co-anchored and produced an evening news talk program for the station. 

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KFOX KFOX14 :: News Team - Sandra Diaz

Sandra Diaz - Chief Meteorologist

Sandra's television forecasting experience is unmatched.

Prior to coming to lead the Severe Weather Team, Sandra spent two years as a Meteorologist with The Weather Channel. As the West-Coast prime-time Meteorologist, Sandra's forecasts were seen nightly by millions of viewers. While at The Weather Channel, she also had the opportunity to enhance her skills by working with some of Americas top Severe Weather experts.

Now with our regions most advanced weather technology, Sandra's experience, dedication and passion for accurate forecasting are keeping those of us in the Borderland safe and informed.

Sandra has been awarded the AMS Seal of Approval and is a member of the National Weather Association. In 2002 she was named Distinguished Alumni by her alma mater, Texas State University.

I am very excited to be able to bring my weather experience to the area. Working at the national level gave me invaluable forecasting skills that I like sharing with our viewers in West Texas and Southern New Mexico.

I’m excited to be here and I enjoy interacting with the community as a volunteer with The Miracle League and as a platelet donor with The United Blood Services where I’ve served as a council member since 2007.

I love being a Meteorologist because it gives me the opportunity to warn people of incoming inclement weather and it gives me the chance to teach about weather and its impact. It also gives me the chance to meet many people, I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to meet. I feel blessed.

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KFOX KFOX14 :: News Team - Aja Hood

Aja Hood - Reporter

Aja Hood joins CBS4/KFOX14 news as a Multimedia Journalist and weekend Weather Anchor.

Aja is currently enrolled in the Penn State Weather Forecasting program to deepen her understanding of meteorology and increase her versatility in news reporting. She is excited to cover issues affecting the Borderland and bring you the latest updates on severe weather coverage.

Aja earned her Masters Degree in Mass Communication from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. While at ASU Aja interned with Clear Channel Radio, published articles for various news outlets and studied abroad in Brazil with the business journalism department. Aja also co-hosted the ASU Sportswatch program that airs on Fox Sports Arizona. Though she enjoyed her time at ASU she will always consider herself a bulldog from her Alma Mater Fisk University.

Aja is originally from Gary Indiana and loves an outdoor challenge. Aja has completed three half marathons, various 5ks, a 30k bike race and skydiving at 14, 000 feet.

If you have a story idea or would like to share the latest outdoor challenge in El Paso e-mail her or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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KFOX KFOX14 :: News Team - Genevieve Curtis

Genevieve Curtis - Investigative Reporter

I joined the KFOX14 Team in May 2012. I love living in El Paso and telling stories from the heart of the borderland.

While in El Paso, I’ve enjoyed covering city and county politics, President Obama’s visit, ASARCO and City Hall demolitions, Triple-A baseball and the opening of the El Paso Chihuahua’s stadium.

Two of my stories received 2013 EMMA “Honorable Mention” awards. One for "One Basket: The Mitchell Marcus Story," and a special investigative piece on "Marriage for Hire” which exposed the amount of money wasted on sham marriages in the military.

My coverage of the ongoing water problems in Vinton helped change Texas State Law.

Investigative reporting is my passion. It’s my job to hold the powerful accountable, expose wrongdoing and give a voice to the voiceless. KFOX14 Investigates aims to go further for you, dig deeper for the truth and shine a brighter light on problems in our community. Someone once called me ‘relentless’ and that’s one label I’m ok with! Helping people and making a difference fuels me.

More about me:
I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I am a Cheesehead through and through!

I graduated Cum Laude from the University of Missouri with a degree in broadcast journalism. GO TIGERS! In college, I worked as a reporter/anchor/ multi-media journalist for KOMU-TV the NBC affiliate in Columbia, Missouri. One of the most memorable stories I covered was the Joplin tornado in 2011. I was the first reporter from my station to arrive in Joplin, just moments after the devastating tornado ripped through the city and I stayed on the story for 37 hours.

I’ve learned a lot about storytelling and reporting from my Godfather, Mark Curtis. I interned with him at ABC-6 in Providence, Rhode Island.

My love of sports lead me to journalism. I would beg my parents to let me stay up late so I could watch post-game interviews. I’ve always wanted to know the story behind the story!

I am passionate about news and feel very fortunate to be living my dream. The news is about YOU and I want to tell your stories. Feel free to contact me via email or follow me on twitter and Facebook! I’d love to hear from you!

Remember you can use the Hashtag: #KFOX14Investigates on Twitter
Or call the Tip Hotline at: 915-845-5369

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me!

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KFOX KFOX14 :: News Team - Meghan  Lopez

Meghan Lopez - Reporter

Meghan Lopez joins the KFOX14/CBS4 team as weekend anchor, multimedia journalist.

Meghan Lopez is a Colorado native who graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with dual degrees in journalism and Spanish. During her time at UHM, Meghan studied abroad in beautiful Seville, Spain. Throughout college, she wrote for the school newspaper, worked for the campus news station and contributed to DISfunkshion magazine. During the summer, she also interned at KUSA in Denver and helped cover the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

In her senior year, Meghan co-created the digital media site for the Ka Leo O Hawaii newspaper. That same year, Meghan won the Fox News College Challenge for excellent storytelling. One month later, Meghan was the first ever student journalist selected to join RIAS/RTNDA fellowship on a tour of German news outlets as well as NATO and the EU. Afterward, Meghan traveled throughout Germany, Belgium, Austria and the Czech Republic freelancing wherever possible.

In 2009, Meghan joined RTTV America as a broadcast journalist. There, she worked her way up the ranks from editor to line producer to deputy news editor before becoming an anchor/reporter. During her years with RTTV, Meghan specialized in national and international coverage. Meghan completed a six-month investigation on the drawdown of military equipment from Afghanistan, a three-part series on the dangers and abundance of synthetic marijuana and another series documenting the life of an illegal immigrant who was going through the deportation process.

Meghan is excited to come to El Paso and pursue stories in the Borderland. She prides herself on giving a voice to the voiceless and finding an alternative angle to every story.

Submit a story idea, email Meghan or follow her on Twitter and/or Facebook. 


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KFOX KFOX14 :: News Team - Kezhal  Dashti

Kezhal Dashti - Anchor

Kezhal Dashtijoined the KFOX14 Morning News team in March 2015 as the Social Media Anchor and Reporter. In Oct. 2015 Kezhal moved up as the KFOX14 Morning News Anchor. She comes from Arlington, Texas, where she attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth (Go Frogs!) with a major in Journalism and a minor in Film, TV, and Digital Media.

Kezhal has always had an interest for news of all kinds, from international to pop culture. Nothing makes her happier than informing others on whats happening around the world. She has worked at numerous places in the Dallas market, including The Dallas Morning News and Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. At TCU, Kezhal was the KTCU News Director and DJ, and the Projects Editor/Reporter/Multi-Media Journalist for TCU360xThe Skiff.

Kezhal has also interviewed several celebrities, like football stars and Hall of Famers, Troy Aikman, Tony Dorsett, Emmitt Smith, and Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. Shes also interviewed Comedienne Anjelah Johnson, who is known for her popular skit Bon Qui Qui, and Face the Nations, Bob Schieffer.

Both of Kezhals parents are from Iran and she has traveled there on several occasions. Kezhal also speaks fluent Farsi (Persian), but her goal is to learn as much Spanish as she can!

Kezhal is excited to wake up with you every weekday morning. If you have a story idea, you can email her at:

Connect with Kezhal :

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KFOX KFOX14 :: News Team - Selena Madrigal

Selena Madrigal - Reporter

Selena Madrigal joins the KFOX Morning News Team as traffic anchor and reporter.

She is a Texas native, born and raised in San Antonio.

After high school, Selena made her way to Austin, Texas, where she attended the University of Texas at Austin. She graduated in 2015 in three years with a degree in journalism and a certificate in business. She is a proud Longhorn. (Hook ’em!)

Selena quickly fell in love with broadcast journalism when she started her college career and interned at both KSAT-12 and News 4 WOAI in San Antonio. She also worked at KSAT-12 as a part of its high school football coverage team while attending school.

A few of her loves include amazing food, watching movies, country music, meeting new people, traveling, being outdoors, bargain shopping and new experiences.

She is excited to help you beat the traffic every morning, and to be able to call the Sun City home.

If you have any story ideas or information involving traffic, construction or transportation, Selena wants to hear from you.

Feel free to message her on Facebook or Twitter (@SelenaKFOX_CBS) or send an email to

Also, make sure to follow @KFOXTraffic for all of your El Paso and Las Cruces traffic updates.

Connect with Selena:

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KFOX KFOX14 :: News Team - Ryan Hill

Ryan Hill - Reporter

Ryan Hill joined KFOX14 as a multimedia journalist in June 2015.

He may have been born in the Detroit, Michigan, but Ryan has bounced around the United States quite a bit – moving six times to six different states. But St. Petersburg, Florida, is where he calls home.

After high school Ryan ventured west, where he attended the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. He graduated cum laude with a degree in journalism and a minor in political science.

During his time at the Cronkite School, Ryan was a co-anchor and reporter for the award-winning Cronkite News airing on KAET PBS Ch. 8, reaching 2 million homes every night. He was named a 2015 Hearst Intercollegiate Journalism Award semi-finalist for his reporting for Cronkite News. His piece on the controversy surrounding the potential Grand Canyon business developments and tribal controversy aired on PBS "NewsHour." He also covered the Milwaukee Brewers’ spring training and Super Bowl XLIX for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Ryan has held internships with USA Today and WUSA – the CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C.

Ryan enjoys the simple things in life – a good pair of cowboy boots, movies, all things OutKast and watching a ball game. He is eager and excited to cover and tell the gripping stories of the Borderland.

He says everyone and everything has a story; it is just waiting to be told. If you have a story idea or anything you feel should beaddressed, feel free to reach out to Ryan via email, Twitter and/or Facebook

Connect with Ryan:

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KFOX KFOX14 :: News Team - Tomas  Hoppough

Tomas Hoppough - Reporter

Tomas joined KFOX14 as a multimedia journalist in June 2015. He grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska – a very different climate than El Paso. But Tomas says he loves the weather and everything that El Paso has to offer. Tomas moved from Alaska to Kansas, where he played junior college soccer.

He transferred to the University of Kansas, where he enrolled in journalism school and graduated in May 2015. He started working during his junior year for KUJH News, where he was mentored by Brett Akagi, 21 regional Emmy winner, four-time National Press Photographers Association regional photographer of the year and an NPPA faculty memberi. Tomas worked as an anchor, reporter, producer and on the assignment desk for KUJH. In his senior year, Tomas worked for 6News in Lawrence, Kansas, where he produced the 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. news.

At KU, Tomas received the 2014 College Media Association Pinnacle Award for best newscast, the 2015 Society of Professional Journalists Region 7 best all-around newscast, was a 2015 Society of Professional Journalists Region 7 finalist for general news reporting, and the 2015 Kansas Association of Broadcasters second-place award for hard news reporting for the first same-sex marriage in Lawrence.
Tomas has learned from fellow KU alumni award-winning storytellers like "The Today Show’s" Bob Dotson and KARE-TV’s Greg Vandergrift, and wants to emulate storytellers like KING 5’s John Sharify and 10News’s Joe Little.

Tomas enjoys soccer and going to the gym and is a longtime Buffalo Bills fan. He is excited to tell the stories of the Borderland.

Connect with Tomas :

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KFOX KFOX14 :: News Team - Marcel  Clarke

Marcel Clarke - Reporter

Marcel Clarke joins the KFOX 14 Morning News team as the overnight reporter. She will be out in the field while you are sleeping to get you the latest updates on what is going on in your community.

What piqued her interest into the news world? When she lived in California, she and her family went through a small earthquake and she noticed that everyone turned to their local news for more information.

Since that night, Marcel was amazed by how one news team could help so many people with information during a time of need.

Marcel is not new to the borderland. She attended Hornedo Middle School and graduated as a T-bird from Coronado High School. She later took her first steps into her journalism career at the Missouri School of Journalism.

In Columbia, Missouri, Marcel grew as a reporter, anchor and multimedia journalist for three years at NBC affiliate KOMU-TV. She used her multimedia journalism to dig deeper into the community and help share people’s concerns, injustices and heartwarming stories.

In those three years, her stories varied from covering political stories in Jefferson City to health and education in schools and, of course, investigative stories.

Marcel joined the Target 8 Investigates team during her last year at Mizzou, where she got to dig deeper and expose corruption in Columbia and even in Saint Louis County.

Marcel is constantly on Twitter or Facebook and would love to hear your feedback and story ideas you would like to share.

She looks forward to getting in touch with the growing Sun City once again and getting closer to her community.

Connect with Marcel :

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