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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of an episode I missed?
Sorry, KFOX does not provide VHS copies of any of our broadcast product. Our recommendation is to ask co-workers, friends, family and neighbors for anyone who may have taped off-the-air the show you are looking for. Also, you might want to go to your KFOXTV chat line or message board and ask friends there. FYI: The Network essentially "leases" its shows from their "owners" (the production company). The Production Company owns ALL the rights to video releases, etc. You will have to write directly to the producers of the show with your video question. Check with our Show Mailing List (the link is at the top of this page) for an address for each current show.

How can I get a copy last nights newscast?
Only under very special circumstances can we provide VHS copies of our newscast. You must first provide a 60 minute VHS tape and a valid reason for receiving a copy. One reason might be that we conducted a special assignment about a family member of yours. We will not make more than 1 copy of any newscast per request. Send us an email and ask for our news department for more details on this service.

I would like to locate an infomercial, but I missed the number.
The Web site will provide you with numbers to almost any infomercial.

Why has my favorite program been canceled?
Sorry! Television shows get canceled for any number of reasons, the most common of which is low national ratings. The staff at KFOX do not make decisions about the cancellation of FOX Network Programs. Sometimes, we wish we did!

How can I become a Fox Kids Club member?
E-mail us or mail the name and age of your child to KFOX Kids Club, 6004 North Mesa, El Paso, TX 79912. Thanks for joining this FREE Club. Your child should receive a FREE quarterly Fox Kids Magazine from the Fox Network.

My favorite show has been canceled. What can I do?
You can write to: FOX PUBLICITY ATTN: (Show Title) PO BOX 900 BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90213

Can I buy merchandise from my favorite Fox Network primetime show?
At this time, we do not provide a Fox Store for viewers to purchase merchandise of their favorite Fox shows.

How can I get tickets to a taping of my favorite fox network primetime show?
Just an FYI: DRAMAS are closed sets and do not allow audiences to view while filming. SITCOMS have and want audiences. When you have locked down your plans to visit the Los Angeles area, call Audiences Unlimited at 1-818-753-3470 for tickets of your favorite sitcoms that are taping at that particular time.

How does KFOX pick which games to run?

Prior to the start of the season, Fox Broadcasting sends us a tentative schedule, and we indicate our preferences. Of course, we always include all Cowboys games, but we also look for other local interest such as the 49ers, or last season's hot teams. Then, as the season progresses, we are sent game designations in advance, and sometimes we'll request a change when there is a game offered that will have more appeal. We hope to soon be able to offer these options for viewers to "vote" on via our website. However, once a game is set, we don't have the option of changing it. Occasionally, Fox will switch us to a longer running game, but we don't control this locally. Sometimes we are listed incorrectly for games in the papers. This usually happens when we make a change a couple of weeks out, and the newspapers go to press as much as three weeks early. Since these are done via databases with listings services, they can't be locally updated.

Why do you sometimes run a movie or other programming instead of football?
When the NFL contracts with the networks for coverage, they divide up the season between Sunday games and Monday nights. Currently, FOX and CBS split the Sunday day games, alternating between single game dates and double-headers. So when CBS is scheduled for a double-header, we can only carry one game. On these dates, we'll choose the one with the most local interest.

Why do you sometimes cut off the end of a game to go to another?
While we are not covered by some of the NFL's restrictions with home teams for the Dallas games (rules such as black-out zones or not airing earlier games), we are designated by Fox as a "mandatory kickoff" station. This means that, regardless of how exciting an earlier game may be, our feed will be switched automatically to the Cowboys kickoff. The bad news is that you might have to wait for highlights to see how the game ended. The good news is that you won't miss a Dallas touchdown. Please let us know if you have any more questions on how KFOX covers NFL Football.

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