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We develop, execute and manage campaigns that achieve our clients' marketing goals.
Your business and your marketing challenges are unique, and we believe the process of solving those marketing challenges should be, too. Based on our initial analysis of your marketing challenges, we will develop a plan to put your marketing on the right path and make the execution flawless.

Know Your Brand Position - The Marketing Strategy Model
The Marketing Strategy Model is a methodical process led by a trained Marketing Consultant that will enable you to execute a well-targeted, cost-effective marketing campaign for your business. It's all about identifying your Significant, Unique and Credible difference.

Know Your Customer – Market Research
Knowing your CORE TARGET CONSUMER, the heavy user of your business’s product or service, plays an important role in making an emotional connection with them through marketing. KFOX14 employs a variety of resources to help solve the mystery of your customer.

Create Winning Ideas – Creative Problem Solving
Our Creative Production Department will generate custom AND effective marketing ideas that will support and enhance your brand position.

To get started, contact Local Sales Manager | Patrick Williams | 915-834-2114 | .
Digital Sales Manager | Leonard Owens | 915-833-4473 | .

DataSphere Technologies

KFOX-TV is proud to partner with DataSphere Technologies, Inc. DataSphere is responsible for powering our community calendar and offering geographically-targeted advertising opportunities across KFOX-TV. DataSphere, in partnership with over 100 television stations around the U.S., helps local businesses across the country raise their visibility, convert more customers, and gain a competitive edge with custom marketing packages targeted to specific neighborhoods and communities. For more information visit

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