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  • Health Benefits of Golf

    Golf can offer significant health and wellness benefits because it requires physical and mental strength.  Practicing and playing has been known to improve brain and bone health.  With frequent play, golf can also improve your quality of life and relieve stress. 

  • Horizon Golf Course

    Horizon Golf Course  provides an excellent pace of play providing the total golfing experience.  Although we are continuing to make improvements on a daily basis, we are committed to making this one of the top facilities in the city.  Horizon Golf Course has a rich history because Lee Trevino once played on these greens.  Play the video to learn more about the course and it’s past.

  • Moonlight Bar & Grill

    Moonlight Bar & Grill

    Whatever your occasion, Moonlight Bar & Grill makes it one to remember!  Enjoy the beautiful new renovated bar, ballroom and dining hall.  For lunch or dinner, bring your appetite and enjoy healthy portions of remarkable food.  Enjoy happy hour with daily specials or come in on Tuesday’s for live music.  Don’t forget  we can also host small groups or be the place for your dream wedding! Play the video for more information on the Moonlight Bar & Grill.

  • El Paso Sleep Center Videos


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