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  • Sleep Apnea

    Sleep Apnea

    Sleep Apnea Risk Factors

    Being 35 or older: The older you get, the higher the risk

    Being overweight: But thin people can get it too

    High blood pressure (hypertension)

    Narrowed airway: Narrow throat or large tonsils

    Chronic nasal congestion

    Diabetes: 3 times more common

    Use of alcohol, sedative or tranquilizers

    Smoking: 3 times more likely



    • Snoring                                                 
    • Morning headaches
    • Daytime drowsiness                                           
    • Insomnia
    • Lack of energy                                     
    • Poor work performance                                                        
    • Mood swings                                                        
    • Depression            
  • Childhood Sleep Disorders

    Childhood Sleep Disorders

    OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea

    Symptoms Include:

    Mood or school performance changes

    Excessive daytime sleepiness, snoring, restless sleep and difficulty concentrating


    Amnesia no memory of event


    Parasomnias are sleep disorder that involve undesirable events and experiences including

    • Nightmares
    • Sleep Terrors
    • Sleepwalking
  • Reason to Undergo a Sleep Study

    Reason to Undergo a Sleep Study

    It is painless and quick. All you do is show up and sleep.

    It could save your life.

    It is only real way to find out if you have a sleep apnea.

    Your health deteriorates.

    Sleep apnea is highly treatable but only if diagnosed.

    The vast majority of insurance plans cover sleep studies.

  • Sleep Apnea Quiz

    Sleep Apnea Quiz

    Do you snore loudly?  Y____  N____               

    Does your bedroom partner complain about your snoring?  Y_____  N____

    Does your snoring wake you up at night?  Y _____  N ____

    Do you or your bedroom partner notice that you make gasping and choking noises during your sleep?  Y _____  N____               

    Do you have a dry mouth, sore throat or headache in the morning?  Y _____  N____

    Do you often fall asleep during the daytime when you want to stay awake?  Y_____  N____

    Are you tired during the day?  Y _____  N____

    Do you have high blood pressure?  Y _____  N____

    Do you feel tired or groggy when you wake up?  Y _____  N____

    Do you ever fall asleep while sitting, reading, watching TV or driving?  Y _____  N____

    Do you have trouble concentrating?  Y _____  N____

    Have you ever fallen asleep while driving?  Y _____  N____

    Are you overweight?  Y _____  N____

    Have you ever fallen asleep while driving?  Y _____  N____

    Is your performance at work declining?  Y _____  N____

    Have you lost interest in sex?  Y _____  N ____

  • Facilities and Amenities

    • Eastside & Westside
    • In suite bathrooms and HD TV
    • Patient’s partners welcome
    • All-Private guest rooms and baths
    • More affordable than El Paso area hospitals and free standing sleep centers
    • Covered by most insurance, some insurance require physician referral
    • Check-in and check-out times to fit patient needs
    • Check-In as early as 6:00 p.m. and Check-Out as late as 9:00 a.m. the next day 
    • 24-hour on-site access to expert sleep center team members supervised by board-certified physicians
    • The Only Program of its Kind in the El Paso Region.
  • Dr. Gonzalo Diaz M.D. F.C.C.P A.C.P.

    Dr. Gonzalo Diaz M.D.  F.C.C.P  A.C.P.

    Dr. Gonzalo Diaz opened the first sleep disorders center in the El Paso area with Dr. David F. Briones in 1985. He received his training in sleep disorders medicine at the prestigious Monteflore Hospital at Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York. He is trained in pulmonary medicine and has subspecialty certification in sleep disorders and pulmonary medicine. He currently serves as the medical director at the El Paso Sleep Center. His practice is focused on pulmonary medicine, sleep medicine and intensive care. Dr. Diaz holds a clinical faculty appointment in the Department of Neuropsychiatry at Texas Tech University HSC-El Paso, and has taught respiratory/sleep technician students, medical students, and resident physicians since 1985. He has published articles in sleep and pulmonary medicine. He is currently involved in clinical research in sleep disorders.


    Dr Gonzalo A. Diaz was named to the Best Doctors in America List for 2014.  The honor is decided by impartial peer review and only 5% of Doctors in America earn this honor.  Dr. Gonzalo A. Diaz was named for Pulmonary Medicine and also specializes in Sleep Disorder Medicine.


    His areas of special interest are obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia in adults and sleep disorders in children.

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