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Traffic concerns grow following deadly pedestrian accident near UTEP

Updated: Wednesday, September 25 2013, 05:57 AM MDT
Traffic concerns grow following deadly pedestrian accident near UTEP story image

By: Bill Melugin

EL PASO, Texas --

Following the death of a man who was hit and killed by a car Saturday night after the University of Texas, El Paso football game, students say city streets just off campus become too crowded, and too dangerous after home games.

Police say 48-year-old Armando Jezbera was in a crosswalk at the intersection of Mesa and Baltimore when he was struck by a Honda Civic.

The driver remained at the scene, but Jezbera later died at the hospital.

It's unknown at this time whether Jezbera was leaving the UTEP game at the time, or even attended it, but students say from their personal experience, they can see the danger.

"Football games are really crowded, people are just swarming and there's nobody really regulating it, not enough police officers making sure everyone is safe," said UTEP student Jennifer Garcia. "It gets pretty crazy, and pretty packed, it's not safe at all."

UTEP student Yuval Kavosh agrees.

"I was walking back to Miner Village [after the game], and it was just crowds of people just going one after another like sardines," Kavosh said. "Police do an OK job, but sometimes I think they could do better."

UTEP Police Chief Cliff Walsh released the following statement to KFOX14.

"Safety is a priority. We coordinate with El Paso Police and employ off-duty law enforcement for traffic management during games. The placement of those officers depends on the nature and character of the event."

Saturday's deadly accident happened in a city crosswalk, not a campus one, but students want to see officers from both departments more heavily involved at patrolling during future football games, specifically along Mesa street.

"Cars fly though there, it's like nobody knows what the speed limit is, sometimes they think its in kilometers per hour for all I know because they have a different system south of us," Kavosh said.

"I think there needs to be more organization with the people and make sure they know which way to go," Garcia said.

El Paso Police told KFOX14 there are no new updates to the investigation into the deadly accident, and it's unknown if the driver will face any charges.

EPPD is also uncertain about any increased patrols near the UTEP campus in the future.

Traffic concerns grow following deadly pedestrian accident near UTEP
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