Surveillance video shows latest crash in what residents say is a dangerous intersection

Updated: Tuesday, June 3 2014, 10:29 PM MDT
Surveillance video shows latest crash in what residents say is a dangerous intersection story image
By: Stacey Welsh
EL PASO, Texas -- Homeowners near the intersection of Bob Mitchell and McAuliffe drives said a recent car accident is just another reminder that the area needs improvements.
Late last week, witnesses told KFOX14 a drunk driver hit two parked cars on McAuliffe.
One homeowner who didn't want to give his name sent KFOX14 surveillance video recorded from outside his house. It shows the driver turning right onto McAuliffe from Bob Mitchell. 
"We've had to chase people around because they've hit our vehicles, and they're only rolling on rims. We'll go follow them, call the cops and report it," the homeowner said.
The El Paso Police Department said the driver in this case has not been charged, but police are investigating the incident as a possible DWI.
After the driver hits one parked car, the video shows him overcorrect and hit a fence and parked pickup truck on the other side of the street.
"He was absolutely drunk. The door opened, and he fell out. He was trying to chase the neighbors going into their houses and trying to convince them not to call the cops," the homeowner said.
Some residents said they see accidents in the area often, and they don't expect the problem to end anytime soon.
"Usually people stop at the stop sign and then peel out. That's when another guy lost control and hit an electrical box. Some people don't even see the stop signs," east El Paso resident Joshua Rios said.
After going through records from the past few years, the Police Department said there have not been any fatality car accidents at the intersection of Bob Mitchell and McAuliffe as far back as 2010.
"We've gone to the city. We've asked for at least some speed humps to be put on Bob Mitchell," the homeowner said.

However, transportation officials said residents in the area have not gone through all the steps necessary to petition the city to add speed bumps. 
The city said it has looked into other precautions, in addition to a four-way stop in place at the intersection.
"Staff looked into installing guardrails in the area, as well as signs notifying the traveling public of a reverse curve ahead. The reverse curve ahead signs were installed. EPDoT was unable to install the guardrails because the installation would have impacted underground gas lines," the Transportation Department said in a statement.
The city also said if accidents continue to happen, crews could make changes to the intersection without residents' requests.
For more information, residents can contact the city at 3-1-1.
Surveillance video shows latest crash in what residents say is a dangerous intersection
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