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Spur 16 expected near outlet mall to reduce westside traffic

Updated: Friday, December 20 2013, 01:49 PM MST

By Chrisdyann Uribe

EL PASO, Texas -- Spur 16 is set to open in summer 2014 and many El Pasoans are excited about the future road opening.

Spur 16 is a road that will extend from South Desert Boulevard and connect to Doniphan Avenue.

Many told KFOX14 they expect the road will help alleviate traffic in the area since it is near El Paso Community College, Canutillo High School, the Outlet Shoppes of El Paso and the Canutillo Sports Complex.

One student who travels to class at EPCC is looking forward to traffic congestion being eased in the area.

"I'm pretty sure I'll use it because it'll probably alleviate traffic a lot. I go to school at EPCC and I'm always late to class because of traffic. When driving down the mountain you can see every car in bumper to bumper traffic. I was like, “Wow.’ I hope this will help us out. It's always crazy," said Octavio Rivera.

Others hope that traffic at the mall's parking lot will flow.

"It will be a lot of help for all the traffic here because of the mall and everything. It gets ridiculous. When I come here, I will be using the Spur [16]," said motorist Lupe Franco.

"This project will alleviate traffic in the outlet area from Doniphan to Loop 375 and Interstate 10. It's a good project to move traffic. The Spur 16 is in the area of the Canutillo sports complex. It'll give more access to the outlet mall. It's also very close to Canutillo High School and the community college that may improve traffic in that area," said Blanca Del Valle, spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Transportation.

Spur 16 will have two travel lanes in each direction, bike lanes, sidewalks, lighting features and a hike/bike trail nearby.

The two-year project is estimated at $13 million.

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Spur 16 expected near outlet mall to reduce westside traffic

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