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One dead, three injured in Anthony, N.M. crash

Updated: Friday, March 7 2014, 11:46 AM MST
One dead, three injured in Anthony, N.M. crash  story image

By: Genevieve Curtis

EL PASO, Texas--A deadly crash in Anthony, New Mexico Wednesday morning killed one person and three others were airlifted to an El Paso Hospital.
The crash happened just after 8 a.m. at the intersection of O’Hara Road and State Road 460.
New Mexico police said a speeding 1999 Chevy Sedan carrying four people ran a red light and clipped another vehicle that was stopped at the light as it continued into the intersection before slamming into a light pole. Police believe alcohol was a factor in the crash.
“All four individuals, they were not wearing their seatbelts. The driver and the front passenger were ejected through the front windshield partially. The passenger is deceased here on the scene,” said
Lt. James Frietze with the N.M. State Police.
The driver and two backseat passengers, all males were airlifted to an El Paso Hospital. The passanger who died was a female.
Frietze said they could not find any identification for the victims on scene and they did not have cellphones. Frietze also said they could not find any evidence that the driver tried to brake before the crash.
“The speed limit here is 45 we are looking at possibly (the car going) 60-65 miles an hour at this intersection,” said Frietze.
The crash startled neighbors who were just waking up.
 “I was in my house when I heard something. I heard a noise, I went to see what was going on there was a car by my house,” said Maria Salinas.
The car crashed into the light pole just feet from Leticia Mendez’’s home. She said the light pole had helped to reduce accidents in the area. Twice before, cars had broken through her fence and ended up in her yard. But this time the pole became a barricade.
“I've noticed people have been more careful because of the lights now so I was really surprised because of this accident,” said Mendez.
A spokesperson for the New Mexico Department of Transportation said they put a traffic signal and lighting in the area but since then there hasn’t been a need to make any other changes to the area. However, they will take a look at Wednesday's crash.

One dead, three injured in Anthony, N.M. crash
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