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Loop 375 and Spur 601 intersection to close Monday

Updated: Tuesday, April 8 2014, 08:56 AM MDT
Loop 375 and Spur 601 intersection to close Monday story image

By: Chrisdyann Uribe
EL PASO, Texas - The Loop 375 and Spur 601 intersection will be closed Monday to allow construction crews to build a new type of interchange.

Texas Department of Transportation will be constructing a Diverging Diamond Interchange, a project new to the borderland and the state of Texas.

It's a project that has some motorists driving on what most of us would consider the wrong side of the road. For example, a driver heading west will follow traffic through the interchange and, for a short time, drive on the left side of the street. The driver then will go back to the regular side of the street.

Not all El Pasoans are on board for the project.

"It's really going to be bad for the soldiers because they usually take that route all the time," said TJ Dennison, an eastside driver.

Others are worried about finding an alternate route.

"It is very bothersome because now I am going to have to plan more time ahead to actually get to other places. Everybody is going to try and find the same route as I am. So it's going to cost me more time, more fuel," said Cesar Baltazar, an east El Pasoan.

Since it will be a project coming to El Paso and is the first of its kind in Texas, others are excited about the city being the first in a trend.

"I think that's a good idea for El Paso because El Paso is always running behind from other cities and states so I think that would benefit El Paso drivers," said Yolanda Balay, of east El Paso.

An email sent to KFOX 14 from TXDOT last week said the project would be complete by May, but a later email says the intersection will be closed until further notice.

When KFOX14 reached out to TXDOT for an interview, officials could not provide time for one.

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Loop 375 and Spur 601 intersection to close Monday
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