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Loop 375 connectors to Zaragoza now open

Updated: Monday, November 25 2013, 07:18 AM MST

By: Chrisdyann Uribe
EL PASO, Texas—A highly anticipated construction project in far east El Paso is completely leaving many drivers in that area with easy access to Zaragoza Road.
The northbound Joe Battle direct connectors from Loop 375 to Sun Fire Boulevard and southbound Sun Fire Boulevard to Joe Battle overpasses are now open.
Drivers can avoid the congestion on Montwood Drive, Joe Battle Boulevard, and Zaragoza Road when heading to and from Zaragoza from Loop 375.
Texas Department of Transportation plans to alleviate the traffic on the intersection with the direct connectors.
"This is one of the worst intersections in El Paso, the Montwood Drive, Joe Battle Boulevard, Zaragoza Road intersection. These direct connects are intended to relieve some of the traffic in that intersection," said Bob Bielek, the El Paso district engineer.
As KFOX14 first reported, the overpasses were ahead of schedule and going to open earlier than expected.
"We wanted to get this into operation prior to Black Friday and prior to the Thanksgiving holidays and the contractor really worked to finish in time. It'll also provide a direct route so people that are not interested in going to any of the store or shops along Zaragoza Road or Joe Battle Boulevard or Montwood Drive can bypass all of that and get directly to where they are going," Bielek said.
Many drivers hope it will cut down the commute time.
"One time it took me 30 minutes to get through the area," said Gustavo Briszno, an eastside driver.
"The traffic was horrendous, but hopefully now with this new opening it's going to relieve everything, so it's awesome," said Amanda Garcia, an eastside neighbor.
The project cost $40 million and took two years to complete.

Loop 375 connectors to Zaragoza now open

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