Lights at Doniphan/Sunland intersection causing delays

Updated: Tuesday, February 18 2014, 09:08 AM MST
Lights at Doniphan/Sunland intersection causing delays story image

By: Chrisdyann Uribe
EL PASO,Texas— When drivers get to the intersection of Doniphan and Sunland Park drives they are having to wait longer than usual to make a safe left turn.

“It’s frustrating,” said Sterling Bassett, a driver that lives in west El Paso.

Traffic lights are at the intersection, but there is no lane that will allow drivers wanting to turn left to do so safely.

Motorists like Bassett are frustrated because when the traffic light turns red, but is green for drivers to make a left turn, can’t if the vehicle in front of them is stopped.

The problem with the traffic light at the intersection is delaying drivers in the upper valley.

“This morning I came this way [Racetrack Road] because I know it gets congested,” said driver Steve Cobb.

The lack of left turn lane is not the only thing that adds to the traffic delays in the area. The train track in the area also can slow down drivers.

“In the mornings, it’s pretty congested,” Cobb said.

Construction on Country Club Road has forced drivers to take alternate routes. But many surrounding areas are also undergoing projects to fix the roadways; leaving drivers in a traffic nightmare.

About four miles away, work to repave Sunland Park Drive began Wednesday morning. It's expected to last until April.

“I think its bad timing,” added Bassett.

El Paso Department of Transportation said that if drivers want a city road to be fixed they could call and make a request.

“They can call 311 and that number and provide the details of what they need or what they think should happen at certain locations,” said Ted Marquez, the director of the El Paso Department of Transportation.

El Pasoans can also call this number for other road issues such as potholes or installing a left turn only lane.

“We look at the site. We look at the traffic volume. We look at the traffic movements and where there’s a lot of people. Whether there’s enough room to create one,” Marquez said.

In the meantime, drivers are using alternate routes to avoid the area.

“Go back over to Executive Drive and go up. It’s a lot easier,” Cobb said.

“Racetrack Road and hit east,” Bassett said.

The work on Sunland Park Drive while take place Mondays through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. A Sunland Park city official told KFOX14 one lanes in both directions will be left open.

For live updates on what could be slowing you down on your morning commute, follow the traffic twitter page @KFOXTraffic.

Lights at Doniphan/Sunland intersection causing delays
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