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Light synchronizing on Zaragoza Road to improve intersection congestion

Updated: Tuesday, October 29 2013, 08:28 AM MDT
Light synchronizing on Zaragoza Road to improve intersection congestion story image

By: Chrisdyann Uribe

EL PASO, Texas-- As El Paso continues to grow on the far east side, drivers have to deal with more traffic.


One east side commuter, Gloria Rodriguez described how traffic is when she drives in the area. The traffic gets very congested and its very hard to get around. Sometimes I have to go around to get to the other side of the gas station. Then come back around to get across. It takes me a while. In fact right now when I cut to the bank, there was an accident right there.


And the trend continues -- the intersection of Montwood Road and Zaragoza Drive continues to be among the highest in the city for traffic wrecks, according to the El Paso Police Department.


We have 20 recorded traffic collisions year to date for 2013. This compares to 13 that we had in that intersection at the same time last year, so we are ahead of last years numbers slightly, said spokesman Darrel Petry who has monitored the area for accidents.

Congestion has always been high at the troubled intersection.  El Pasoans are hoping that once the lights are synchronized, congestion will ease up.


Dery Ruiz usually drives through the area and described the problems at the intersection to KFOX14.


While pointing out the backup at the intersection, Ruiz said, Sometimes there are cars blocking other cars,


The city plans to synchronize the lights on Zaragoza to keep traffic moving smoothly.


Rodriguez is excited about the project, The lights always help to hold down the traffic and to let them go in the time that they need to do so that will be good, said Rodriguez.


The city of El Paso will have nine traffic lights on Zaragoza Road that will be connected to video imaging systems that detect cars.  The work on the lights should be done by June 2014.

Light synchronizing on Zaragoza Road to improve intersection congestion
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