El Pasoans nervous downtown streets won't be complete for Chihuahuas' home opener

Updated: Monday, April 21 2014, 01:31 PM MDT
El Pasoans nervous downtown streets won

By: Chrisdyann Uribe
EL PASO, Texas -- Detours, traffic backups and road closures currently happening in downtown El Paso are frustrating drivers in the area.

Many drivers are worried the construction won't be done in time for the home opener game at the ballpark, causing traffic backup when all the fans head down to the game.

"I don't see it happening. It's looking like they are going to be late," said Ceasar Flores, of downtown El Paso.

Others hope roads near the ballpark will be prepared in time.

"I hope so. I think it will. They have been working around the clock," said Linwood Gilchrist, of downtown El Paso.

Officials with the Engineering and Construction Management Department of El Paso ensure the construction surrounding the ballpark will be done on time.

"We'll have everything open by opening day of the ballpark and hopefully the traffic will flow smoothly," said Bill Studer, deputy city manager.

The engineering department foresees a large volume of traffic through the area and advises the best way to not get caught in a jam is to walk.

"It'll be crowded. There's no question about it. Don't plan to park right next to the ball park," Studer said.

The construction is in its final stages and will near completion soon.

"We've got Franklin Avenue this weekend. It's going to get repaved. Santa Fe Street will be done probably in another week or so," Studer said.

Studer said construction in the downtown area away from the ballpark will more than likely continue but should have no effect on the traffic for the baseball games.

The first game at the ballpark is scheduled for April 28.

El Pasoans nervous downtown streets won't be complete for Chihuahuas' home opener
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