Eastside residents not pleased with city changes to dangerous intersection

Updated: Tuesday, June 10 2014, 09:41 PM MDT
Eastside residents not pleased with city changes to dangerous intersection story image

By: Chrisdyann Uribe
EL PASO, Texas – An intersection in far east El Paso is the site of many accidents, and although the city has made improvements, residents are not satisfied.

Many accidents have occurred at the intersection of Charles Foster Avenue and Tim Foster Street. Just recently, an accident involving a city vehicle prompted the El Paso Department of Transportation to take action.

“We had a collision that involved some city vehicles. We had to investigate, by rules and regulations. What we look at when we investigate any one intersection is the number of collisions, the conditions of the intersection and whether we have sight distance problems,” said Ted Marquez, El Paso Department of Transportation.

EPDOT agreed the area needed improvements to make the intersection safer.

“Some rock walls were creating some obstructions and some visibility problems,” Marquez said.

KFOX14 knocked on the doors of residents, who all echoed the same issue -- the rock walls.

“The way the walls are positioned, you have to pull your vehicle out just a little to see both sides and people are just going,” said Hector Reyes.

The city added a stop sign on the left side of the road so drivers are more informed there is a stop.

Many residents are unsure this will help.

“All I saw was 15 feet before the stop sign was a painted white line that said ‘approaching stop.’ I don’t know if that was enough,” said Iris Mena.

She and her family try to avoid the area as much as possible for safety reasons.

“My family doesn’t take that road because of all the accidents. We take this drive all around just to get out of our own community, because it’s too dangerous,” Mena said.

Drivers who regularly drive the streets felt the stop sign isn’t sufficient.

“They need to put that intersection as a four-way stop,“ Reyes said.

The city tells KFOX14 the steps it’s taken so far have increased safety at the intersection and it will continue to monitor the area.

Eastside residents not pleased with city changes to dangerous intersection
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