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Dodging the wrong-way driver: Tips for staying safe on the road

Updated: Friday, March 7 2014, 11:46 AM MST
Dodging the wrong-way driver: Tips for staying safe on the road story image

By: Chrisdyann Uribe

EL PASO, Texas—In the past four months there have been two crashes involving a wrong-way driver that resulted in the deaths of three people.

It’s a situation nobody wants to be in, seeing headlights coming your way on your lane.

Just recently, a wrong-way driver took his and another driver’s life, Monday night on Interstate 10 east near Vinton.

In November, a man died after a wrong way driver crashed into him on I-10 east near Zaragoza.

There are preventative measures you can take to ensure you are safe.

“A lot of times when you’re driving you only see what’s going on in front and we don’t look further up ahead so that’s part of the planning process, which can prevent a lot of these collisions,” said Victoria Barroso, the director of West Texas Driving Academy.

The state that you are driving in can also play a role in staying safe on the road.

“Make sure you’re very alert when you’re driving. Often times, people are driving drowsy. It’s late. It’s dark. Those are also factors,” Barroso said.

Experts said being prepared for any situation is also key.

“You’ve got to plan. You’ve always got to have a plan of action when you’re driving,” Barroso said.

If by a stroke of bad luck, you accidently get on the wrong way of the road, there are certain steps you should take to keep you and other drivers from crashing.

“If you see a sign that says ‘wrong way,’ then obviously you’re going the wrong way. On many roads there are the emergency side roads so they can just pull over as fast as they can,” Barroso said.

The Texas Department of Transportation has provided a grant to Region 19 and El Paso to help educate driving instructors in hopes of making the streets safer.

“TXDOT has a grant with Region 19 and El Paso is one of the stops they do to educate not only the driver’s education instructors but anyone having to do with driving and safety,” said Monica O’Kane, traffic safety specialist for TXDOT.

TXDOT has offered this class to help any instructor interested in increasing their knowledge.

“We have this great class which is free of charge. Because of the grant through TXDOT all of these educators that may not have the budget or the finances within their own agency to get the training, it does not hold them back from getting it,” O’Kane said.

Dodging the wrong-way driver: Tips for staying safe on the road
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