Country Club Road commute changing

Updated: Friday, March 7 2014, 11:46 AM MST
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By: Melissa Gundersen
EL PASO, Texas -- Starting Thursday, the look of Country Club Road is expected to change once again, but it’s not making those who travel through the area any happier.

Sergio Chavez is a hair stylist at L's Salon on Country Club Road. He said dealing with this construction since the full closure in November to replace old utility lines under the road has been frustrating. He blames it on the city.

“We're in the dark. We don't know what they're doing. They don't tell us,” said Chavez.

Within the last two weeks, crews paved the westbound lane of Country Club Road from Santa Teresita Drive to Willow Creek Circle. The westbound lane remains closed.

But according to the city engineering website, the westbound lane will be open Thursday and the eastbound lane will be closed between the same stretches of road, preparing that lane for paving. This change is something Chavez said he didn't know about until KFOX14 crews told him.

“We can't warn our clients and tell them, you know, 'Next week this side of the road's going to be closed,'” said Chavez.

Chavez said for that reason his clients have been getting lost and missing their appointments because every time there's a change like this detours are slightly different.

“It can be confusing,” said Carlos Acosta.

Acosta is one person who drives to and from the Upper Valley almost every day and said recently even the closest trips were difficult.

“With Circle K being so close and other businesses, like I bank right down the road, sometimes we have to go west and obviously the road that would make us go west is not paved and their doing construction and we have to go into oncoming traffic,” said Acosta.

City engineers said they expect to have both lanes of Country Club Road from Willow Creek Circle to Santa Teresita Drive reopened by next month. They also expect to have both lanes from Love Road to Doniphan Drive reopened by early May.

Country Club Road commute changing
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