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Cesar Chavez Express toll lane's free trial leads to questions -- like free rides

Updated: Wednesday, January 8 2014, 08:02 AM MST
Cesar Chavez Express toll lane

By: Genevieve Curtis
EL PASO, Texas - El Paso drivers have been able to make a practice run at the city's first toll road, and it's raising some questions.

The toll lane along the Border Highway opened Thursday on a drive it and try it for free basis.

KFOX14 traveled up and down the 9-mile stretch of toll lane several times Monday and found the toll lane to be wide open.

Some El Pasoans said that's because it's just too new.

"Like everything else, it's brand-new, so let them work the kinks out first," said Joe Alvarez of the Lower Valley. Alvarez said he doesn't think he'll use the toll lane because he doesn't often use the Border Highway.

Driving along the highway, it's easy to notice there are no barriers separating the toll lane from the other lanes of traffic.

It has many wondering if drivers could simply weave in and out of the lanes to avoid the sensors and paying the fee.

But a closer look reveals double white lines, which mean no lane change is allowed.

Raymond Telles with the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority said the organization is getting lots of calls regarding the lack of physical barriers, but he said it all comes down to following simple traffic laws.

"We are going to remind people that crossing a double white line is already against the law -- it's a traffic violation. Beyond that, we will have the police department to help in the early times," said Telles.

To see if using the toll road will save you time on your daily drive, you still have a few days to try it for free.

Weaving in and out of the toll lanes and crossing the double white line is a traffic violation, and drivers need to enter and exit the lanes at the identified areas, officials said.

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Cesar Chavez Express toll lane's free trial leads to questions -- like free rides
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