Butterfield Trail Industrial Park improvements coming soon

Updated: Tuesday, February 18 2014, 09:10 AM MST
Butterfield Trail Industrial Park improvements coming soon story image

By: Chrisdyann Uribe
EL PASO, Texas—The Butterfield Trail Industrial Park has undergone a makeover and tenants can soon enjoy the new improvements.

The El Paso International Airport decided to improve the street pavements and beautify the streetscape in the area.

The new roadways will be paved with concrete in hopes of increasing the lifespan of these roads.

“We’re basically redoing the entire infrastructure. The entire pavement is being reconstructed to concrete so that should last quite a bit longer then the asphalt that we had,” said Samuel Rodriguez, the assistant director for aviation development.

The reconstruction will also include a roundabout and various traffic improvements. It will also include a beautification project such as expanding and improving the landscape. There will also be walking trails and ADA ramp.

“We’re doing a walking trail throughout the park to give the employees and tenants an opportunity to get out and walk about. Trees, signs and stripings are getting upgraded as far as this project,” Rodriguez said.

KFOX14 spoke with El Pasoans in the area who gave their opinion on the project and construction in the area.

“The construction was well before and I don’t know why they changed it. I always am late to work. Sometimes it makes me late to work because of the construction. I have to go around the street,” said Robert Mesca, an employee for the First National Bank in the area.

With all the road and aesthetics improvements soon to come in the area, others were willing to bear the construction.

“We feel great about it. Let them make the area a little bit better and make things look a lot better. It helps the community out a lot,” said James Livingston, resident.

No matter how El Pasoans feel about the project, one thing they can agree on is how excited people are about the project being finished sooner than expected. The project was originally intended to be a four-year project.

“We’re about eight months ahead of schedule. We’re scheduled to be complete in April,” Rodriguez said.

The project costs more than $14 million dollars.

Butterfield Trail Industrial Park improvements coming soon
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