Avoid DWI arrests day after after Super Bowl

Updated: Sunday, February 2 2014, 09:01 PM MST
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By: Chrisdyann Uribe

EL PASO, Texas-- Some drivers in El Paso think being a responsible driver means getting home safely by a designated driver. What many don’t know is the morning after they may drive legally drunk without realizing it and can be arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Police call it “Day After” DWI and the El Paso Police Department is familiar with the term.

“It’s not uncommon for us to have an individual that is stopped and that individual had been drinking all night and the next morning, they get stopped for whether it’s a traffic violation or a traffic collision and it ends up in a result in a DWI,” said police spokesman Darrel Petry.

KFOX14 spoke El Pasoans about driving the day after a night of drinking.

“I rest, I eat, drink a lot of water but mostly to cure a hangover or sober up is to rest and sleep,” said Hugo Navarro.

Others may say eating helps.

“Eat or take a shower or munchies to keep them sober,” said Jacqueline Parga.

What many don’t know is although someone may think they are sober once they wake up the next morning, they could be legally drunk.

“Blood-alcohol content after an individual stops drinking will continue to rise and then of course it has to rise and peak out before it starts to decline,” Petry said.

Even after sleeping and eating, people can have a high blood-alcohol content. This can lead to an arrest for DWI if someone gets stopped or is involved in a crash.

Celebrating events such as Super Bowl Sunday are when people tend to drink, according to police. People drink, go to sleep, then wake up and leave for work, but this can be dangerous.

 “In 2012, 41 percent of traffic fatalities involved drunken driving because of Super Bowl Sunday the morning after,” said Vanessa Marquez, program manager for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

In 2013, three people were arrested the morning after celebrating Super Bowl Sunday, according to Petry.

He said police officers will be patrolling El Paso roadways this season.

“We do maintain a DWI task force and officers that are out working for the purpose of identifying and arresting DWI drivers,” Petry said.

“I think we all hear the myths especially here in El Paso where if you have menudo or lots of coffee that it’s a possibility to sober up but the reality is it is only time. I think the best plan of action is to wait. Wait time out till you sober up or have somebody that takes you,” said Marquez.

Since Monday follows Super Bowl Sunday, you’ll want to keep a close count of how many drinks you tip back.


Avoid DWI arrests day after after Super Bowl
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