Trailer park paradise -- some call it strange, one man calls it home

Updated: Monday, November 25 2013, 09:54 PM MST
Trailer park paradise -- some call it strange, one man calls it home story image

By: Melissa Gundersen
EL PASO, Texas -- You'll find a spot filled with green grass and 16 uniquely designed RVs from yesteryear that are still finding a way to entertain.

When artist and junk collector Marty Snortum first moved into the old movie theater on the corner of Pershing Drive and Piedras Street, the parking lot was empty. So when he got a chance to purchase that too, he decided to fill it up.

"We've kind of compounded it in and made it our own private Idaho," said Snortum.

Snortum said his family's favorite pastime is now hanging out in the trailers.

"The term is 'glamping' -- glamorous camping," said Snortum.

KFOX 14 got a private tour of the unique vintage trailer court. Each trailer has its own theme.

"All the junk that I have inside the building ends up stylishly displayed in each trailer," said Snortum.

The Hollywood trailer is filled with old magazines and statues of Oscars, the '60s trailer is decked out in rad colors, and the beach bum trailer resembled a tiki bar.

Snortum said his family, friends, and clients are welcome into the trailer court. But for them to enjoy these masterpieces and go "glamping," it's taken nearly a decade to create.

Marty said he's traveled from coast to coast to get his trailers.

"I've been way up upstate New York picking up a trailer, Massachusetts," said Snortum.

But it's once he gets them home when the real work begins. As Snortum points out about one trailer, "This one is a 1948 star and it was our first trailer. It was a $400 trailer and you could actually enter it from the front through holes easier than it was through the door because the door was all jimmed up and stuff."

Snortum has spent hundreds of hours renovating these trailers, but they still demand about an hour of his attention every day.

When asked why he puts in all the effort, he said, "Without a doubt just so the family has a place to come out in the center of downtown is important," said Snortum.

Snortum said whenever he adds a new trailer to his collection, it's usually a big hit – especially with his kids.

"Trip was just texting his sister this morning saying na,na,na,na,na I got to camp out in the pacemaker and you didn't," said Snortum.

So what's his favorite trailer? Snortum laughed and said, "My favorite trailer is the next one there's no doubt about it. It's the next one that you see on the forum sites and you go ahhhh, you know, it takes your breath away and you say I have to have that one," said Snortum.

This trailer court called Desert Isles looks complete to the average person, but Snortum said there's always room for more.

"I want to dig it up and sink a container underground and have an underground fort," said Snortum.

To understand just how much Snortum cares about his family's creation, he told KFOX 14, "My son will have to pull me out in a box. I'm not leaving. This is home."

Trailer park paradise -- some call it strange, one man calls it home
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