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Female racer with historical records still going strong

Updated: Sunday, February 23 2014, 10:57 PM MST
Female racer with historical records still going strong story image

By:Erika Castillo
EL PASO, Texas -- The Daytona 500 took to the airwaves Sunday night. But one of NASCAR's most respected veteran drivers is making waves of another kind. Two weeks ago, "King" of NASCAR Richard Petty said on ESPN the only way female racer Danica Patrick would ever win a Sprint Cup Series, is "if everyone else stayed home." Some say that's a sexist comment -- including El Paso's premiere female race driver Christy Georges.

Georges is a pro dirt track modified car racer. She has won more than 300 races, including a prestigious national race where she became the first woman to win and take home $10,000. She says Petty is just an "old fashioned old redneck who will never get used to the idea of women on the track." Georges also stands by Patrick pointing out the former Indy driver has not only made her mark on Nascar already, but is part of the Tony Stewart team who is considered a maven at recognizing talent. "She is still learning," says Georges. For her part, Georges said most drivers respect each other regardless of gender because it is such a dangerous sport. And she said she herself doesn't see the competition is a bunch of men, she just sees them as "drivers." 

Meantime, Georges has her hands full racing and running a business. The petite 54-year-old races half the year on the dirt circuit in two or three divisions. Her partner in life of 34 years, Sherman Barnett races in four or five divisions. He is 74-years-old. Together, they have built up the massive Barrnett Harley Davidson store on the Eastside, and Barnett Racing which is partnered with the El Paso Motor Speedway Park and trying to grow the sport of racing locally. When they are not working or literally racing around the country, they are traveling to watch others race.  

In fact, Georges had a chance to get in front of the whole country in 1986. She was offered a full sponsorship to take her racing talents all the way to Indy where more recently Patrick raced prior to joining NASCAR.  It was a moment of truth. You know... Where the rubber meets the road. But Georges and Barnett had just started their Harley Davidson shop. Because she considers herself "old fashioned," 

Female racer with historical records still going strong
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