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Army colonel wants to put unattractive women on Army advertisements

Updated: Friday, November 22 2013, 09:43 PM MST
Army colonel wants to put unattractive women on Army advertisements story image

By: Gina Benitez
EL PASO, Texas -- Col. Lynette Arnhart is at the forefront of a public relations push to get more women to integrate into Army combat roles.

But the way she's doing it is causing some controversy.

She wants to put unattractive women on ads because she believes an attractive woman on Army ads weakens the rest of the message.

Reporter: "Do you think having an unattractive female on a pamphlet will make women go into combat roles more than having an attractive female on a pamphlet?

Ret. Army Spc. Abimola Alleyene: "No. I don't think a lot will change in that area."

The email was initially sent out by Arnhart to several top public affairs officials then leaked and picked up by Politico, an online blog.

Arnhart believes "ugly" women are perceived by the public as competent competent, while people tend to believe pretty people just get ahead on their looks.

Alleyne feels like women, both attractive and unattractive, are both just as capable.

"They're out there doing the same things that the guys are doing, they're not afraid to get dirty or do any of that stuff," Alleyne said.

We asked Fort Bliss public affairs if they got the email.

The say they didn't and tell us, "Fort Bliss does not have a position on this article. Neither Fort Bliss nor the 1st Armored Division has been directed to promote the integration of women into combat roles.

We select photographs for use based solely on their depiction of soldiers training, supporting community relations, and in the conduct of outstanding individual and unit achievement."

Army colonel wants to put unattractive women on Army advertisements
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