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Video accuses L& J Cafe of having unwanted, furry visitor

Updated: Thursday, July 18 2013, 08:46 PM MDT

By: Melissa Gundersen

EL PASO, Texas -- L&J Cafe in Central El Paso is catching major heat from customers.

This comes after a group of friends said they saw a mouse scurry across the floor while eating their meal.

"Pretty much we were about to close up the tab and we were about to pay out and all of a sudden from the kitchen we see a mouse," said Deidre Rojas.

The group told their waitress they saw a mouse, but they didn't get the reaction they were expecting.

One waitress said, "The problem is, we're under construction right now guys, sorry about it. I mean there is of course going to be mice and stuff, there's infestation right now." This response by restaurant staff was caught on camera by the group.

Warning Graphic Language: L&J server confronts customer with questionable excuses.

The group was offered a discount on their food, but they refused. Instead, they walked out without paying a penny, which didn't sit well with restaurant staff. Rojas said the waitress threatened to call police.

Wednesday, Leo Duran, the restaurant's owner, apologized for his staff's reaction. Duran said he isn't taking this matter lightly.

"My initial reaction was to just make sure we're taking proactive steps. We contacted EchoLab Institution, which is our exterminator," said Duran.

Warning Graphic Language: L&J customs outraged over alleged rodent discovery.

Duran further said an exterminator sprays the building monthly, but with the place undergoing remodeling EchoLab is checking the restaurant every other week. L&J Cafe also had a visit from the Department of Health, Wednesday morning. Reports show there is no sign of infestation.

"Thank God that they have found no basis on the claim," said Duran.

However, L&J Cafe has failed food inspection in the past few years. Click here to search food inspection scores.

Rojas said she will not go back to L&J Cafe.

Video accuses L& J Cafe of having unwanted, furry visitor

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