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Heavy rains cause west side apartment flooding

Updated: Wednesday, July 24 2013, 04:38 AM MDT

By: Joshua Zuber

EL PASO, Texas - Heavy rains caused flooding in a few West El Paso apartments overnight Tuesday.

"I was walking, coming out of the bathroom and you can sort of feel it on your bare feet going like that. And I thought oh that's weird?" Scott Timms said.

Scott and his wife, Taylor, live in a west El Paso apartment complex.

Their bedroom was flooded from the heavy rains.

"We didn't know the source of it. So we started taking everything that was electronic, getting it up off the ground," Timms said.

Both of the Timms believe the flood happened just outside their apartment as a puddle grew and the rain water seeped through the foundation.

Flooding happened to their next door neighbor also.

Enhanced carpet cleaning company was drying their carpets.

A spokesperson for the company says they were extremely busy overnight with calls from the flood.

Luckily, for those living in those west side apartments, the cleaning is covered by the complex in which they live.

But for other renters of some homes and apartments, or homeowners, they are likely paying out of pocket if they don't have flood insurance.

According to, homeowners insurance doesn't cover flood damage. says most renters' insurance doesn't either.

That's something the Timms say they will look into when they move out of El Paso later this summer.

Heavy rains cause west side apartment flooding

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