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Drivers say faulty gas issues at Far East Alon station started weeks ago

Updated: Monday, July 22 2013, 10:53 AM MDT

By: Gina Benitez
EL PASO, Texas -- 

More disgruntled drivers come to KFOX 14 about car troubles after filling up at a Far East Alon gas station.

As we reported, 21 people stalled out last Friday after filling up with faulty fuel at the Alon on Zaragoza and Sunfire.

Though dozens were affected in one day, some drivers say it's a problem that started weeks before. 

"After really the first fill up. A couple days later it started acting a little bit funny. And this was the beginning of July," said Marc Hurtado, an Alon customer.

Marc Hurtado is one of many who has come to KFOX 14 with the same issue.

"Then the third time I went and put gas, it just pretty much killed it. I had to replace a lot of parts," Hurtado said.

"Being that I'm disabled, and I have only that source of income, and just this one car, furious would be an understatement," Hurtado said.

As we reported, just under two-dozen cars stalled out at around the same time last Friday after filling up at a Far East Alon station at Zaragoza and Sunfire. Hurtado didn't fill up there last Friday, but he did fill up three times in July -- on July 4, July 7 and the 14th. July 14. The last time was about a week before the mass stall out.

"The reaction from the gas station, it's been almost nonexistent. They want me to contact all the managers, they didn't give me any information. I had to do all the searching and trying to find the right people to take care of this," Hurtado said.

Alon said the problem was traced back to one specific load that was contaminated. They've since flushed out the tank and replaced the faulty fuel.

"They know there's a problem with the gas, they found out there was a problem with the gas, we shouldn't have to prove that we have to pay for all these damages after the fact," Hurtado said.

Hurtado even has a mix of what he said was drained from his tank. He said he's replaced some parts but the total cost of everything will be over $1,600.

"We're supposed to trust these stations to provide good service and if they can't provide good fuel or good service, I'm never going to another gas station that has another 7/11 or Alon brand again," Hurtado said.

Alon said they are working with anyone who believes they've had an issue.

They said it was an isolated issue.

Drivers say faulty gas issues at Far East Alon station started weeks ago

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