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City engineer: Ballpark construction 'going really well'

Updated: Tuesday, July 16 2013, 09:17 PM MDT

By: Joshua Zuber

EL PASO, Texas -- It's been four months since construction started on El Paso's new Triple-A baseball stadium, which will be home to the minor league team coming from Tucson, Ariz.

"Construction is going really well," Alan Shubert, El Paso's city engineer, said. "We've got all the shoring up for the retaining wall in place. You'll start seeing more vertical construction in august. That's when you'll start seeing the steel and concrete go up in the air."

It's a good sign of progress for some neighbors.

"I've got to admit I'm going to take my kids to see a couple of games," Bruce Kacho said.

It's created some issues for those living nearby the construction site.

As KFOX 14 has reported, there have been issues like parking and sidewalk access, which the city says it has addressed.

"For example, we've added a few accessibility ramps, and we've created a new bus situation for them so they have good bus access," Shubert said.

But it's finding a parking space that still seems to be elusive.

"The parking is horrendous. I've got two little girls, and we will wait out here and watch for five or 10 minutes so we can find somewhere to park," Kacho said.

Detours also seem to be annoying to those who live and work in the area.

"I take care of a resident here and it takes me an extra 10-15 minutes to get here," Guadalupe de Golledo said.

A city Transportation Department spokesperson told KFOX 14 they are still exploring solutions to the current, and future, parking problems the stadium has.

Parking permits for area residents were an idea, but an official said high-occupancy apartments in the area prevents that.

City engineer: Ballpark construction 'going really well'

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