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Report: Closing commissary a possible cost-saving measure

Updated: Monday, November 25 2013, 09:51 PM MST
Report: Closing commissary a possible cost-saving measure story image

By: Joshua Zuber

FORT BLISS, Texas --

After just opening its doors last month after the government shutdown in October, the fate of the commissary on Fort Bliss is once again at odds with the federal government's budget.

The store, which typically offers 30 percent discounts on the products it sells, could close its doors again.

There is a report in the Army Times with potentially bad news for the store.

It reports that a source with the resale community says a cost-saving measure thrown out to the Department of Defense would be to close all commissaries across the nation.

"If it closes down, it would be an impact on every soldier and DOD civilian on post," Peter Nganje, from northeast El Paso, said.

The Army Times reports the Defense Commissary Agency has 178 commissaries in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. There are almost 70 stores on bases in other nations.

They cost about $1.5 billion annually to operate, the Army Times reported.

Despite the taxpayer cost, military families KFOX 14 talked to say they are worth it.

"I think it would kind of suck. A lot of military families go and shop here because it's a lot cheaper than off-post shopping. We just bought a lot of food for $200s, and we would have spent $400 at a normal store," Tabitha Laney, of northeast El Paso, said.

Fort Bliss officials say they are not aware of any plans to close the commissary and that any further comment would be speculation.

The DOD budget is due in February 2015.

Fort Bliss officials say the commissary employs 142 people.

Report: Closing commissary a possible cost-saving measure
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