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Fort Bliss Responds to Navy Yard Shooting

Updated: Tuesday, September 17 2013, 09:37 PM MDT
Fort Bliss Responds to Navy Yard Shooting story image

By: Stacey Welsh

EL PASO, Texas -- Fort Bliss said it has not changed security procedures following Monday's shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. Fort Bliss spokesman Maj. Joe Buccino said in a statement that Fort Bliss does not reveal its emergency-response procedures, but does not see Monday's shooting as a threat to security.

"Current installation access screening procedures remain in effect. Currently, neither the Department of Defense nor the United States Army have directed an increase in Force Protection posture, as such action is not justified by the current threat," Buccino said.

While Buccino said Fort Bliss is on alert for suspicious activity, people living in Northeast El Paso near the post said they are concerned a shooting could happen there.

"We all, especially Fort Bliss, should just be more aware of who's coming in and who's coming out and probably raising more standards of who they let in," Northeast El Paso resident Deja Hayes said.

Northeast El Paso resident Belinda Anderson also said her daughter stopped serving in the United States Navy in 2004. She said she is worried that issues military personnel may have after returning from war could trigger this kind of incident.

"A lot of soldiers come home with post-traumatic stress and don't get the help that they need," Anderson said.

Buccino also said in the statement that Fort Bliss continues to conduct "thorough" background checks on contractors before they start work.

Fort Bliss Responds to Navy Yard Shooting
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