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Former German Club manager plans to open new spot, organize another Oktoberfest

Updated: Friday, February 21 2014, 09:42 PM MST
Former German Club manager plans to open new spot, organize another Oktoberfest story image
By: Gina Benitez
FORT BLISS, Texas -- What was once a staple on Fort Bliss and a huge part of the German community is just an empty shell now.

Though the German Air Force is slowly leaving Fort Bliss, the club's former manager wants the German tradition to stay.

"I still don't like to come here no more because it's part of my time here in El Paso that I have with the German Air Force, a lot of memories, but yeah," said Marco Andresen, former manager of the German Club.

Marco Andresen started managing the German Club in 2010, after it was struggled to stay afloat.

"There was a discussion to close the place by then already. And well, I offered to take it over," Andresen said.

Four years later, the club shut its doors for good after 50 years on Fort Bliss.

"There is a day when everything has to go and that day was last year, the 13th of December, when everything ended," Andresen said.

But Andresen didn't let the club's closing get him down for too long.

"The plan is to open my own restaurant, my own facility, with a bar and stuff to keep the German tradition alive in El Paso," said

And that's not all.

Andresen said there are plans in the works to organize another Oktoberfest, this time, off post.

"We are in negotiations with organizations here in El Paso to find out how we can get basically, manpower, to get that whole thing going," Andresen said.

As for the building itself, rich in tradition and a staple for so many, Andresen said he's not sure what will happen to it, but says rumors are swirling.

He's heard the club may be torn down.

"There's also rumors that somebody else has asked for the building to keep their business in it while their building, somewhere else on Fort Bliss gets renovated. We don't really know what's going to happen here from the first of March on," Andresen said.

The building officially becomes property of the U.S. Army March 1.

Former German Club manager plans to open new spot, organize another Oktoberfest
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