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Horizon City sales tax revenue on track to double

Updated: Friday, January 31 2014, 09:31 PM MST

By: Stacey Welsh
HORIZON CITY, Texas -- Horizon City is on track to make twice as much money from sales tax in 2014 compared to 2013.
During the past holiday shopping season alone Horizon City received $111,074.65 back in sales tax. This time last year the city received $55,684.95 in sales tax.
Horizon City Mayor Walter Miller said the city gets back 1.5 cents for every dollar in sales tax, according to state law. He said the boost in sales tax revenue is mainly due to Walmart opening in October.
"The doubling of our sales tax of course offsets the property tax that we have to ask from our residents. That's a huge benefit to us," Miller said.
Miller expects the city's sales tax revenue to continue to increase throughout the year.
"I used to shop at Target on the east side, but now I can go here to Walmart. I don't have to drive as far," Horizon City resident Christina Gullickson said.
"The growth and development here has been going well so far since I've been here. It's nice; the scenery, the people and the houses. They just continue to work their way up," Horizon City resident James Fernandez said.
Miller said the city plans to use the sales tax revenue for infrastructure improvements. He expects better road conditions to attract more manufacturers.
Those improvements could also help the population grow by bringing in more jobs.
"The restaurants and retailers are going to follow the housetops. Right now we don't have a whole lot to encourage them. We're not going to discourage them by any means," Miller said.

Horizon City sales tax revenue on track to double

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