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Abbott thinks more needs to done to be more safe

Updated: Monday, February 10 2014, 09:14 PM MST

By: Joshua Zuber
EL PASO, Texas –
Greg Abbott stopped by a northeast El Paso shipping warehouse Monday for a speech on making Texas safer.
The likely GOP nominee for Texas governor says El Paso, despite having the lowest crime ranking in America for four years straight, isn't good enough.
One of his proposals is to double funding for the Department of Public safety for border security with an extra $300 million.
“El Paso is proudly one of the safest cities in America, but can't rest on our laurels. Our porous border is allowing ruthless cartels and violent transnational gangs to operate more freely in the state of Texas,” Abbott said.
Abbott said the type of crime generated via the border is scary.
“It's more than just smuggling drugs like heroin and meth or cocaine. It's also home invasions, kidnappings extortion, money laundering, robbery, human trafficking and of course cartel-led murder.
Statements like that have El Paso's U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke questioning his policy making perspective.
He said last week and is quoted by KFOX 14’s media partner the El Paso Times as saying, "The policies were crafted and sold very far away from the border. The people who understand the border best are those of us who live and work there."
His likely democratic opponent, state Sen. Wendy Davis is quoted via one of her spokespersons in an Associated Press article calling his arguments like a call to "stop the invasion."
Abbott fired back after KFOX 14 asked him what he thought of those critics.
"I will not put my head in the sand like detractors will and pretend the problem does not exist,” Abbott said.

Abbott thinks more needs to done to be more safe

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