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KFOX14 Cares: After the Storm

KFOX14 Cares: After the Storm

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Socorro prioritizing cleanup of flood damage, sinkholes

Updated: Monday, September 30 2013, 10:56 AM MDT

By: Stacey Welsh

SOCORRO, Texas -- Socorro City Council Member At Large Rene Rodriguez said the city has to prioritize areas to clean up after last week's flooding. That includes a sinkhole that is about 50 feet deep near Thunder Road, one of the hardest-hit areas.

"You may have an area that's very devastated, but you only have, say, 10 people driving. Versus an area that's mild in damage, but you have 100 people driving through it. So, we're fixing the areas that have more volume in traffic," Rodriguez said.

People living near the uphill side of the sinkhole told KFOX14 they do not have a problem driving up to their mobile homes because of it. However, people living near the bottom said they have been feeling the effects of mud and rocks falling for days.

"The thing from over there came down. Rocks came down. It was terrible. Terrible. I have two days that I didn't go to work, so it was a mess," Socorro resident Eva Ramos said.

Rodriguez also said the city is looking into building dams to prevent future sinkholes. In the meantime, Rodriguez said, the city could buy property from residents if it gets funding from grants to do so.

"It would be cheaper at this point to do that than building a dam in that area because there's not enough people," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said the city would then provide those people with housing. Socorro estimates flooding caused about $6 million damage. El Paso County could declare a state of emergency in the next couple of weeks based on damage estimates from Socorro and surrounding areas. That could mean help from the federal government.

Rodriguez also said the city hopes residents will be patient with the cleanup because the city is not authorized to clean flood damage out of private residences.

Socorro prioritizing cleanup of flood damage, sinkholes

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