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Weeks after storm, many in New Mexico still faced with cleanup

Updated: Thursday, October 3 2013, 09:51 PM MDT
Weeks after storm, many in New Mexico still faced with cleanup story image

By: Gina Benitez
LA UNION, N. M. -- Three weeks later, mud is still piled high on some La Union streets.

Residents said they will never forget how hard they were hit but feel fortunate things didn't get as bad as they could have.

"During the storm, at night, that barrier over there broke, so all the sand that you see here, the water brought it down," said Angela Buckley.

Buckley lives just yards from a road that just weeks ago, caved in.

"We had water coming down this street, that street and down from Sentenario," Buckley said.

"That road there, it was destroyed. All of it," said Luzelena Segovia, a La Union resident.

Several weeks later, mud is still piled high and stacked along sides of streets in Berino.

Buckley cares for her aging mother who lives just behind her.

"She's got arthritis and I've got arthritis. So it's difficult for us to walk here or do just the general chores like putting the trash out," Buckley said.

But she said, she has a lot to be thankful for.

Ladies from a local church prepared and brought meals to her home.

"We were without gas for about two weeks. And so, we were having to go, I went to my sister's to shower and took care of all of the stuff,"

And she has more people on her list of thank yous.

"The volunteer fire department was great. I could kiss each and every one of them. They wouldn't like it but I could kiss them," Buckley said.

She said as soon as floodwaters came rushing through, firefighters stayed to make sure the water didn't make it inside.

Segovia said if this happens again, she's not sure what she'll do -- since she has no money to make the proper preparations.

"Right there, the city has been fixing stuff. I only put those sandbags there. And over there, a man is going to come and put the fence back up for me," Segovia said.

Right now, things aren't the easiest they've been, but both know things could have been much worse.

"We're not suffering like the people from Socorro or the ones up from Vado, it's not that bad, but it's a little hard," Buckley said.

Weeks after storm, many in New Mexico still faced with cleanup
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