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Update: Berino residents deal with more floods

Updated: Monday, September 30 2013, 03:47 PM MDT
Update: Berino residents deal with more floods story image

Neighbors say recenlty built dam by county is to blame

By:  Ruben Veloz, Jesse Martinez

Berino, N.M--Some people in Berino are cleaning up damage outside their homes after flood waters hit their neighborhood.

Several storms hit the borderland Thursday night, but people living near Berino Road and Cadena Street say it didn’t even rain in some places.

People in the area told KFOX14 that it rained on the other side of the mountain and the water traveled to the area and flooded their streets.

JuanBarera and his neighbors are upset because this is not the first time their neighborhood has flooded in the past several weeks.

Residents blame a dam that was recently built and said that when it overflows, water pours out onto the street.

Instead of keeping flood waters away, they say the dam has made it worse.

"We thought it was a broken fire hydrant," said Berino resident Victor Ramos, "but it was a dam that overflowed."

"The water was about 3-feet high. It was running from that dam running down to the houses," said Barera.

Barera told KFOX14 at least one neighbor's home was flooded.

"There is a kid next door he got flooded, he got shocked, trying to pull out an extension cord because the water was high," said Barera.

Neighbors tried to clear street drains the county recently built, but tell KFOX14 the drains are not big enough to handle all of the water.

"We're going to get the same thing happening over and over again until we fix that problem," said Barera.

A final assessment of the damages has not been reported.

Dona Ana County officials told FKOX14 they have identified $6 million in infrastructure that needs to be fixed, however there is not enough money or man power to fix it. 

They said that money to fix the problems is one issue -- they don't have enough man power to fix all the problems at once.

Update: Berino residents deal with more floods
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Residents living in the county suffered the most damage when heavy rainfall hit the Borderland. Cleanup efforts are underway and your help is needed. KFOX14 and The Salvation Army are teaming up to rebuild what they've lost.

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